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We help you innovate to solve complex business problems and enable Digital Enterprise Transformation (DET) for the future.

What EY can do for you

Innovation is an organization’s ability to respond to digital disruption and enable new capabilities. True innovation happens when organizations focus on specific business challenges, identify the right approaches to address them and accelerate transformation.

In today’s financial services environment, it is not enough to have a digital strategy. Financial institutions need to have a business strategy focused on thriving in a fully digital world.


Financial institutions need to hyper-innovate and learn to exist in a state of constant transformation to stay competitive in today’s markets. Practices that can accelerate innovation include:

  1. Don’t tell customers why they should choose you over the competition, show them
  2. Embrace new technology to adapt to the changing landscape
  3. Fail fast and early to get to the right answers quickly
  4. Put the customer first, without exception
  5. Act like every day is your day 1 as a startup, no matter the company size
  6. Commit to challenging assumptions along the way
  7. Continue to collaborate, connect and improve

suits + jeans

Hyper-innovation requires the ability to innovate rapidly across the enterprise by enabling the suits + jeans teams to work together. With deep experience in regulatory, compliance, accounting, finance and risk consulting and experience in product innovation, robotics, advanced analytics and FinTech, EY is at the intersection of these two spheres. We can help you tackle tough business challenges, bring innovation out of the lab and connect it to the organizations infrastructure, processes, and regulatory mandates.

Innovation at EY

We have industrialized our ability to innovate and manufacture insight at speed and scale through our global network of wavespace™ growth and innovation centers.

We help clients face the challenges and opportunities of continuous change, digitization and disruption by bringing together powerful competencies that can help accelerate Digital Enterprise Transformation (DET). This includes:

  1. An agile innovation approach based on rapid prototyping and accelerated learning
  2. Features team that directly works with product owners
  3. Ready tools and technologies, with a technology sandbox developed with EY alliance partners
  4. Access to support from a dedicated group of facilitators, UI/UX designers, and software engineers
  5. Access to EY subject matter advisors across the globe

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