If the advice is based only on either strategy, finance or operation, it can be narrow-minded. The true business insight comes only from integrating connecting different sets of knowledge and expertise together.

Jaewon Choi

EY-Parthenon Partner, Strategy, Ernst & Young Advisory

Expert in the private equities sector providing end-to-end advisory across the entire investment life cycle including planning, execution and exit. An avid skier, scuba diver and tennis player.

Jaewon set up and led EY-Parthenon Korea since its inception.

Jaewon has over 23 years of strategy consulting experience specialized in addressing business challenges faced by private equities and their portfolio companies. He has successfully completed over 300 M&A-related projects spanning across the M&A value chain of private equities, including fund strategy, deal sourcing, due diligence and value creation.

Jaewon’s business insights through years of experience as both strategy consultant and M&A specialist have contributed to clients’ profitable investment even under the current challenging environment. In one good example, he successfully helped one of the global PE firms to realize ~3.6x return from one of its portfolio companies only within 2 years after acquisition.

He serves as an advisor to one of the largest pension funds in the world, for its investment portfolio decisions.

How Jaewon building a better working world

"I have been serving as a board member of EY Korea’s charity program with the aim of driving a better working world. I also take tremendous interest in encouraging entrepreneurial spirit among our younger generations and actively participate in entrepreneurial coaching programs."

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