A portrait of Kiran S Desai
Competition and antitrust laws increasingly impact strategy and require a multidisciplinary approach (lawyers, economists, business advisors and IT specialists).

Kiran S. Desai

EY EU Competition Law Leader

Competition and EU regulatory lawyer with over 25 years of private practice. Significant experience of novel substantive and procedural issues.

Areas of focus Law
Office Brussels, BE

As EY Law SRL EU Competition Law Leader, Kiran is responsible for advising clients on M&A, JVs, cartels, cooperation agreements as well as competition and antitrust law issues — nationally and internationally. 

Having worked in various sectors, including automotive, chemicals, life sciences and logistics, he helps clients with prospective matters such as the submission of filings to competition authorities and engagements with remedy procedures.

Seasoned in dealing with competition and regulatory laws related to network industries, local markets, government investigations as well as the artificial intelligence aspect of competition laws, Kiran has deep knowledge of compliance programs.

An advocate for the use of technology to support compliance within organizations, he also handles matters on EU laws and litigates before the EU Court of Justice.

Fluent in the interplay between competition law and economics, Kiran earned his BSSc in Law and Economics from Keele University.

How Kiran is building a better working world

“In an age of convergence and business disruption, clients see the benefits of a one-stop shop for their needs. They are increasingly looking for a comprehensive service that offers the knowledge of various professionals, including economists, IT forensic specialists and business advisors, on matters related to competition laws. By providing this service, I believe that I am contributing to building a better working world.”

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