Photographic portrait of Koichi Tsuji
A leader must make decisions that will lead to growth and prosperity... Standing still will only leave one behind, and moving a step forward is the way to stay ahead of the competition.

Koichi Tsuji

EY Japan Chairman & CEO and Japan Regional Managing Partner

Advocate for innovative approaches that increase the quality of services.

Areas of focus Innovation
Office Tokyo, JP

As the EY Japan Chairman & CEO and Japan Regional Managing Partner, Koichi leads member firms in the country and plays a vital role in elevating the presence of EY in Japan.

He has more than 30 years of professional experience auditing Japanese multinational corporations and financial institutions. Koichi has been with EY for over 15 years and has worked overseas in Zurich.

Prior to his current role, while leading the account for a Japanese multinational corporation, he was a member on the EY Global Account Committee. He has also served as the representative for Japan on the EY Global Governance Council.

Promoted to Partner in 1996, Koichi is a member of the EY Global Practice group and the EY Global Diversity & Inclusiveness Steering Committee.

Koichi earned an MA in Economics from Waseda University and a BSc in Accounting from Chuo University.

How Koichi is building a better working world

In this time when boundaries between industries have become null, Koichi has been committed to supporting the sustainable growth of organizations.

Industry convergence is not a trend but a necessity. He has taken the time to understand the difficulties that clients face during their transformation and has recommended programs in EY that have increased the quality of the professional services that we offer.

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