Photographic portrait of Les Brorsen
Our engagement with policymakers, regulators and other key stakeholders helps EY navigate the challenges and opportunities of a dynamic global marketplace.

Les Brorsen

Former EY Americas Public Policy Vice Chair

DC-based legislative and political veteran. AN expert in global business and capital markets regulation. One-time Oklahoma farmer and rancher. Navigated the public policy world on behalf of EY.

Areas of focus Public policy

An accomplished policy strategist, Les is Former EY Americas Public Policy Vice Chair. He led the formulation of EY position and perspective on public policy matters and oversaw coordination of related stakeholder management and communications.

In coordination with his global counterparts, Les fostered consistency in perspectives and messaging across the EY public policy and regulatory network. He  worked strategically across practices and service lines to assess public policy implications on new business development.

Before joining EY in 1997, Les worked in the US Senate for 13 years with Senator Don Nickles (R-OK), serving as Chief of Staff.

He holds a BS in Journalism from Oklahoma State University.

How Les is building a better working world

“In my work with EY leadership, policymakers, regulators and stakeholders, I seek to balance sensible policy and regulation with opportunities for growth, improvement and innovation. Effective public policy is the foundation of our efforts to enhance financial reporting, help protect investors and meet the quickly evolving needs of the marketplace.”

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