Michael Capilouto
Addressing the accounting and reporting implications of transformational events early and comprehensively is a critical part of transaction success.

Michael B. Capilouto

EY Global and EY Americas FAAS Transaction Accounting Solution Cluster Leader

Knowledgeable about the business and reporting implications of initial public offerings (IPOs), sales, and JVs and business combinations.

With nearly 28 years of professional client service experience, Michael is EY Global and EY Americas FAAS Transaction Accounting Solution Cluster Leader.

Michael leads a team of professionals who help organizations with transaction readiness. He helps develop innovative ways to assist clients with the accounting and reporting of transactions.

Focused on services related to all types of ownership changes, including IPOs, acquisitions and divestitures, for over 20 years, Michael earned a BS in Accounting from the University of Southern California. 

How Michael is building a better working world

Michael dedicates significant effort to team building, retention and coaching in order to create the next generation of leaders in transaction accounting and reporting. He believes that people capable of properly identifying and addressing accounting, operational and financial reporting deal considerations will continue to be essential members of the business community as capital transactions continue to happen. He is committed to developing these transaction accounting team members.

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