Transaction analytics

We help you unlock the insights of big data to drive transaction and capital strategy decisions at speed and scale.

What EY can do for you 

Businesses around the world are collecting unprecedented amounts of data, structured and unstructured, in volumes and speeds unimaginable just a decade ago. Companies that can harness that data and turn it into actionable insights in today’s increasingly complex M&A environment gain a competitive edge in deal-making.

Our transaction analytics service offer deeper insights, earlier, and at key points throughout the transaction life cycle and as part of setting the capital strategy, identifying and unlocking value in ways that were impossible just a few years ago. Our cognitive enablers and accelerators bring the exponential power of analytics, automation and machine intelligence to M&A transactions and capital decision-making, helping to highlight issues, opportunities and challenges. And because no two companies or deals are ever alike, we offer a customizable approach.

Whether it comes to accelerating transaction value, de-risking deals, identifying potential acquisition targets, and driving maximum benefit from divestments, EY’s transaction analytics service provide insights that give you greater clarity at optimized speed to help you maximize deal value.

As experienced advisors to the C-suite, we help you answer:

  • How can I improve my portfolio strategy, using all available data to identify over- and under-performing businesses?
  • How can I make better corporate finance decisions that enhance value creation reflecting likely external market and internal operational trends?
  • How can I use analytics throughout the acquisition process to determine value, synergies and risks, and ensure the deal delivers as planned?
  • How can I make best use of data and analytics to maximize the number of buyers and the purchase price for assets I plan to divest?
  • How can I deploy advanced data science techniques to reduce working capital and drive up short-term cash flow?

Our capabilities include:

  • Business intelligence: Gain insight across all your data sources in an intuitive and engaging experience and be confident you can trust what you see in your analytics.
  • Smart data discovery: Uncover why things happened with deeper, unbiased insights. Find the right triggers in and outside your view in an on-demand, interactive and real-time format. Rapidly mobilize data to create new intelligence and help you pivot to the new, now.
  • Data science: Discover patterns in data and anticipate what is likely to happen next as well as operationalizing with machine learning to deliver faster, better insights at scale.

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