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Is your payroll future-proof? With digital fueling rapid global expansion, real-time connectedness and mobile workforces, it needs to be. Companies are finding themselves in disruptive environments and looking for a payroll service that offers sustainable capabilities and value.

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Can you future-proof your payroll in your present working environment?

Widespread digitalization, rapid global expansion, real-time connectedness, unprecedented change in workforce models and an increasingly global gig economy — this is the new “business as usual” and it’s likely just the beginning.

The days of local providers and payroll aggregators are a thing of the past. The more disruptive the environment, the more companies want and need service providers who can stay ahead of the curve, not just keep pace. EY’s global Payroll Operate Services can help.

We’re connected across the globe in more than 150 countries, offering full in-house payroll delivery. We manage your day-to-day payroll activities with end-to-end integration via a single global digital workflow.

We connect across our services in mobility, finance, tax, people advisory and law, providing access to our roster of resources in the disciplines that make a difference. We’re at the forefront of innovation, moving forward in an increasingly digital world and leveraging leading-edge technologies to drive payroll automation and transformation.

We can help you flex around rapidly changing business needs, bringing integrated solutions to fundamental transformation of the people agenda: more contingent labor, a multigenerational workforce, the battle for talent and global mobility.

EY's Payroll Operate Services work through a single process and control framework that scales with you to transform and future-proof your payroll delivery anywhere in the world, taking you to the next step in the digital evolution of global payroll.

One provider, one solution source, under one roof, to provide an exceptional client experience, no matter the size of your company, industry or location, EY helps you manage what matters most: your people.

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