Lovinia (Lulu) Chiu

CEO and Managing Director, Medialink Group of Companies


Winning women Asia-Pacific Lovinia Chiu

Medialink Group of Companies consists of two businesses, Medialink Entertainment Limited which handles program content acquisition and distribution, and Medialink Animation International Limited which manages the licensing business.   

Lulu (as she is known professionally and personally) started her professional career in media program acquisition and distribution in 1998 as a Program Executive and later became its Director of Marketing and Acquisitions, handling accounts such as Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB). 

She started Medialink in March 1994 and began contributing to the ever-growing media and pop culture of the generation through content programs and acquiring properties she then went on to handle and grow in various territories. With her keen sense of “the next big thing”, she managed big animation and drama programs that today shape the Asian viewers’ viewing landscape.  

An inspiring advocate of social change, Lulu has committed herself to advising and supporting young entrepreneurs, and is also an angel funder.  

In 2013, Lulu graduated from The Chinese University of Hong Kong with a master’s degree in Business Administration. Lulu has always been a believer of life being a collective story of relationships, strengthened and empowered by passion, dynamism and commitment.

“My vision for my business is to become the ultimate hub for media entertainment as I vie for my company to be the best provider for best media content – both acquired and company-produced,” says Lulu Chiu, CEO and Managing Director of Medialink Group of Companies.