Fumiko Kato

CEO, WAmazing Inc.


Winning women Asia-Pacific Fumiko Kato

Fumiko Kato founded WAmazing Inc. and assumed the post of CEO in July 2016 with the goal of helping international travelers to Japan. 

The company subsequently released WAmazing - a smartphone app for overseas tourists. Together with a free SIM card (available at major airports in Japan), the app offers ready-to-use internet access and virtual travel agency services. These allow tourists to book hotel rooms and help them pay for activities - indispensable offerings for visitors staying in Japan. 

Fumiko graduated from the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies at Keio University, Shonan Fujisawa Campus (SFC), and joined Recruit Co., Ltd. in 1998.  

She was mainly involved in project development of new online businesses, including the launch of Jalan Net and Hot Pepper Gourmet, and then transferred to the Jalan Research Center. While working at the research center, she launched "Snow Magic 19" - a project that used big data to analyze tourism trends with the aim of rejuvenating winter sports tourism in Japan, followed up by various "Magic ☆☆☆" applications.  

“WAmazing offers free SIM cards to visitors to Japan and immediate internet access, thus, alleviating a significant concern for tourists about how to get online. We also help guests fully enjoy their stay in Japan by offering a one-stop virtual travel agency service with everything from reservations to travel arrangements, to a payment platform for accommodations and activities. Our motto is ’making life amazing by promoting the enjoyment of Japan from top to bottom.’ With this in mind, we uncover hidden industries and cultures with great potential, refine them and redefine their value, to provide customers with amazing encounters sure to leave lasting impressions. Through our efforts, we hope to connect people.”