A photographic portrait of Bram Kuijpers
We believe EY clients’ leaders should be leading – we are there to support them. Nothing less, nothing more.”

Bram Kuijpers

EY-Parthenon, Managing Director, Ernst & Young - The Netherlands

International leader of transport, travel and leisure sector group. Enthusiastic and engaging.

Bram is a Managing Director of EY-Parthenon, Ernst & Young – The Netherlands, in Rotterdam, where he is the regional sector leader for transportation, travel and leisure. He has more than 17 years of strategy consulting experience.

In 2001, he joined OC&C Netherlands, which became a part of Ernst & Young – The Netherlands in September 2016.

Bram has served clients mainly in transport, travel and leisure, assisting them with corporate strategy development, commercial strategy, cost reduction and M&A. His extensive experience also includes assisting private equity firms and their portfolio companies with transactions.

He holds a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Delft University of Technology.

How Bram is building a better working world

“In my work, I serve EY clients’ boards on the most complex strategic issues. EY teams help them improve their results – creating a sustainable future strategy for their company.” 

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