Photographic portrait of John Burton Morley
Insurers must pivot toward digital channels to stay competitive against new entrants and not remain hampered by legacy systems and processes. Transformation is challenging but a necessary step.

Dr. John Burton Morley

Partner, Insurance Consulting, Ernst & Young Advisory Pte Ltd

Insurance leader focused on finance transformation. Passionate about driving value and creating impactful work for clients. Believes in inclusion and fan of diverse cultures. Avid world traveler.

John has over 25 years of insurance industry experience and currently leads the EY offering for finance transformation in Singapore, including IFRS 17 for insurance clients.

He has worked directly for leading international insurers and reinsurers as well as other big four advisory firms.

John’s previous role included being the global head of business process excellence and being responsible for Business Process Reengineering (BPR) programs internally and clients through the consulting division.

John has worked in Europe, North America and Asia, and holds a PhD in Political Economy from the University of Bristol.

How John is building a better working world

“Over the span of my career, I’ve had the opportunity of working at the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance companies across Asean. I have accumulated experience in solving the business and financial issues faced by an industry that is moving swiftly into the digital age. Drawing on my knowledge of the fundamentals of insurance, I have worked with insurers to turn their strategic vision into an economic and operational reality”.

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