Bernard Kang
Companies are seeking new ways to succeed in rapidly evolving markets. Pricing offers immediate impact, and executives across industries are learning that it is one of their most powerful levers.

Bernard Kang

EY Global Pricing Practices Leader

Pricing transformation leader. Collaborative team builder. Teacher and all-around coach.

As EY Global Pricing Practices Leader, Bernard has been working with leading companies on their most challenging sales and marketing issues.

With over 20 years of experience, he has worked with clients in areas including pricing, new product development, sales management and post-merger integration. He has teamed with leaders of organizations across various industries including chemicals, agribusiness, business-to-business services, technology and industrial equipment.

Supporting clients on strategy development, organizational structure design, process change and technology implementation, Bernard helps facilitate pricing transformation and margin growth.

Bernard earned an MBA and a BA in Russian Civilization from the University of Chicago.

How Bernard is building a better working world

“Pricing and growth strategy have always been critical to the health of businesses. By facilitating success in these areas, EY teams create the opportunity for EY and the clients to improve communities, and to serve the people who bring them to life.

The scale and reach of EY as an organization has enabled teams to work with people in need across homes and clients communities.”

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