Photographic portrait of Peik Schulman
5G should be considered as an ecosystem-powered platform to pair with enabling technologies connecting people, machines and devices with business processes.

Peik Schulman

Senior Manager, Global Business Development, 5G and IoT, Ernst & Young Oy

Excited about cross-industry innovations with emerging tech. Driver of collaboration with a motto “you are stronger as a team.” Soccer dad.

Peik is a Senior Manager responsible for cross-industry 5G and Internet of Things (IoT) business development. He helps communication service providers (CSPs) and enterprises across industry verticals to unleash the business potential of 5G or IoT. 

He joined EY in 2017 after spending several years working with emerging technology start-ups including telecom, health care and fintech. Before that, he spent over 10 years working with CSPs all over the world tackling their OSS or BSS challenges. Peik holds a BSc. Telecommunication or IT Science degree.

How Peik is building a better working world

CSPs and enterprises have just started to embrace the 5G or IoT use case and application innovation in different industries from manufacturing (Industry 4.0) to health care. Peik is helping to build a better working world by accelerating innovation and delivering business outcomes through 5G, together with enabling technologies and ecosystem collaboration.

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