Shaun Crawford
Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies could potentially transform the traditional insurance model for the better and make the entire industry more efficient, innovative and profitable.

Shaun Crawford

EY Global Vice Chair – Industry

Driving solutions designed to reshape global markets and industry through convergence and disruption.

As EY Global Vice Chair – Industry, Shaun is responsible for ensuring EY is at the forefront of industry disruption and convergence issues. From globalization to technological innovation, businesses around the world are exploring new and different ways of succeeding.

Responsible for 16 sectors – from automotive and transportation to consumer and retail to financial services – he oversees the global teams responsible for helping  industry leaders understand and navigate the forces reshaping their businesses.

Shaun has been in the financial services industry for 26 years, having worked in consulting and line management with leading London-based insurers and retail banks. Previously, he led the Global and UK Insurance sector as well as Insurance Advisory services across EMEIA.

How Shaun is building a better working world

With a focus on technology and digital disruption, Shaun helps industries prepare for and embrace change. 

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