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How attractive is the UK on a global stage

In this episode of the FinTech Insights podcast, Seema Farazi, EY UK Immigration Leader, Charlotte Croswell, CEO, Innovate Finance and Luke Waddington, CEO and Founder, Blue Fire AI, join Shalini Shan to discuss talent within the FinTech industry.

How do we nurture and access leading FinTech talent in the UK and internationally?

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to evolve, it’s challenging to predict the full extent and duration of the business and economic impacts. What do FinTechs need to be thinking about to protect their people, operations and the success of their talent strategies?

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    Seema Farazi
    Partner, Financial Services, Immigration and Brexit, Ernst and Young LLP; EY EMEIA People Advisory Services COVID-19 Response Leader


    Episode 2

    Duration 25m 39s

    Learning outcomes

    • COVID-19 presents extraordinary challenges for global mobility and talent, however it also presents an opportunity further down the track to consider how immigration frameworks can improve to support high-growth FinTechs and accelerate change further down the track
    • There is scope to enhance our domestic talent pipeline by having a national talent strategy to increase talent supply across broader financial services. This requires us to better understand current and future skills gaps and collaborate with the education sector
    • The UK is attractive to global FinTechs, particularly for its deep pool of capital and potential clients. However other global centres including those in Asia Pacific, are increasingly progressive on these fronts
    • To stay ahead on a global stage, the UK could benefit from a targeted approach to supporting inbound and outbound FinTech activity. This requires the UK to build on existing bilateral arrangements, showcase its successes and strengths, and consider how to offer tangible, operational supports to FinTechs in new markets

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