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How to develop FinTechs across the UK and build digital innovation

In this episode of the FinTech Insights podcast, Mark Hartley, Co-Founder, BankiFi and Hemant Kshirsagar, EY India FinTech Leader, join Anita Kimber to discuss regionalization and digital infrastructure.

The focus is on supporting and developing regional FinTech growth and building digital innovation in an integrated environment. These topics are explored in relation to the FinTech hubs of the UK and India.

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    Anita Kimber
    EY EMEIA Business Transformation Leader


    Episode 3

    Duration 24m 39s

    Learning outcomes

    • As digitization increases and security concerns take centre stage, the industry needs to come together to help educate the customer and articulate the value of data sharing in a secure manner
    • Collaboration with the education sector, access to finance and government policy are key to supporting regional FinTech growth
    • In light of COVID-19, India’s digital infrastructure has come into play and had a significant impact at a local-level, for example by supporting people to get access to necessities through digital payments

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