How technology is shaping the modern workplace

In this episode, Seth Patton, Microsoft General Manager for Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Viva Product Marketing and Cheryl Dewar, leader of EY’s Modern Workforce Tech Consulting Team discuss hybrid working models.

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Podcast host Susannah Streeter welcomes Seth Patton, Microsoft General Manager for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Viva Product Marketing as well as Cheryl Dewar, EY Modern Workforce Tech Consulting Team Leader. Together they discuss the mass shift to working from home triggered by the pandemic and the need for businesses to develop new hybrid working models. 

Without a doubt, the pandemic has initiated the largest remote-working experiment the world has ever seen, and this has taken a heavy toll on the employee experience. According to a new Microsoft poll:

  • 41% of employees are considering leaving their employers this year
  • 50% feel overworked 
  • 39% say they are exhausted

With more than 70% of employees saying they do not want to return to the office full-time and 80% of business leaders revealing they are planning flexible work options, both speakers say there’s no turning back, employee expectations have changed forever. 

The challenge now is for businesses to adopt platforms that engage and inspire all employees, encouraging them to learn and develop their careers regardless of where they physically work. In fact, unless employers adopt modern, hybrid, tech-enabled working models, they are likely to struggle to attract top talent and their bottom line will ultimately suffer. 

In an environment where people are physically distanced, feeling disconnected but still in need of collaborating at a high level, technology has a critical role to play. 

Key takeaways:  

  • Hybrid working models need a reimagined digital campus to replace the physical office, where employees can interact virtually, connecting with work colleagues and senior leaders.
  • Multiple fragmented business systems, necessary for remote working, should be unified under a "single pane of glass" to maximize employee productivity.
  • Research shows that greater use of digital tools increases fatigue. The latest platforms, however, nudge employees to take a break, walk around and even meditate, thus increasing employee productivity and mental health.
  • Leaders must also consider cybersecurity safeguards when selecting remote work platforms and collaboration tools.

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Cheryl Dewar
EY Americas Next Generation Workplace Leader


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