EY Diligence Edge: Analysis and M&A deal platform

EY Diligence Edge M&A deal platform meets new and emerging needs by bringing together EY professional insights and the powerful AI of IBM Watson.

What EY Diligence Edge M&A deal platform can do for you

With the time available for due diligence processes shrinking and the volume of data growing, the pressure is increasing on businesses to make the right deal, at the right price, with the right client, so they can realize mergers and acquisitions (M&A) growth ambitions and stay ahead of the competition. It’s more important than ever to identify potential risks earlier in the diligence process, and to avoid missing crucial data or making costly miscalculations by embracing fast and insightful analysis that prevents knowledge gaps and underpins more dynamic strategic decision-making.

Navigating the changing M&A landscape using an M&A deal platform

Information plays a critical role in driving value in M&A and businesses benefit from having a comprehensive understanding of the financials, the competitors, the market and the industry. However, the fast-paced and changing M&A landscapes make it ever harder to stay ahead. 

To help overcome the challenges and foster greater deal potential, EY Diligence Edge, a due diligence tool trained by EY practitioners, leverages advanced technologies with real-time-data market-scanning capabilities, to transform the transaction journey and reduce risk and potential deal-breakers.  

An augmented process that is part machine yet all human 

EY Diligence Edge meets new and emerging needs by bringing together EY professional insights and the powerful AI of IBM Watson. With machine-learning capabilities growing together with our practitioners, this due diligence technology is able to understand and identify important diligence topics and continues to become smarter with broader coverage and insights that increase in relevancy over time.

  • How can target companies be more thoroughly investigated?

    EY Diligence Edge performs an instant search of multiple external data sources to provide an outside-in view of a target company and its competitors, its financial performance, and activity in the news and social media.

  • How can AI help enable smarter investigations?

    EY Diligence Edge creates a “smart data room” by processing a significant volume of structured and unstructured data, surfacing potential key information for reviews across financial, tax, operational, and information technology (IT) domains spread out across hundreds or thousands of deal room documents.

  • How can better analytics improve decision-making?

    EY Diligence Edge automatically correlates vast amounts of information with easy-to-understand visualizations. 

EY Diligence Edge reframes clients’ transaction journey in a way that’s more bespoke and focused than ever before.
Tony Qui
EY Global Strategy and Transactions, Chief Innovation Officer

How will AI unlock the power of data to give your deal the edge? 

By automating parts of the due diligence process and reducing the manual work required for transaction professionals, more focus can be put on higher value-add activities, such as risk mitigation and strategic analysis. 

EY Diligence Edge is used by EY practitioners to correlate what’s happening in the real world with what’s happening in the deal. With deeper and more in-depth due diligence, EY teams help to deliver better insights which lead to better decisions and, ultimately, better outcomes. 

Realizing the benefits of EY Diligence Edge

When it comes to transaction diligence, you need every piece of relevant information to understand the value behind your deal.

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