EY Nexus for Banking

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EY Nexus for banking harnesses the power of people, ideas and technology to help our financial services clients realize new opportunities, transform operations quickly and at scale, and provide digital-first solutions.

What EY can do for you

Imagine harnessing the power of technology and bringing new ideas to life, transforming operations at scale and speed, and delivering the products and services customers demand — today and in the future. With EY Nexus, it is possible.

Build faster, think bigger and adapt more quickly to market changes.

EY Nexus is a cloud-native platform designed to help accelerate innovation, optimization and transformation of banking. It offers access to the most advanced technologies in the banking industry. By eliminating technology complexity and organizational barriers to change, EY Nexus helps free up resources for financial institutions to make their biggest and leading innovation ideas operational realities — in a faster, more scalable manner and with less risk than ever before.

What financial institutions can do with EY Nexus

  • Rapidly design and develop digitized offerings aligned to commonly understood problems in the banking industry
  • Leverage Nexus’s zero-based design techniques to reimagine how these problems are solved through accelerated asset build
  • Unlock new commercial opportunities through outcome-based deals tied to platform capabilities

EY Nexus for banking benefits 

  • Accelerate transformation

    Jump-start your innovation journey with a cloud-ready foundation and a broad portfolio of building blocks and technology accelerators from EY and our ecosystem collaborators.

  • Create value

    Build personal and reluctant connections while safely navigating a complex cyber landscape. Uncover insights in real time to inform decisions and power automations at each digital touchpoint.

  • Evolve with ease

    Continually adapt solutions to meet changes in customer expectations across an evolving business landscape with modular, platform-driven solutions.

  • Choose your path

    EY Nexus is cloud-agnostic so you are never locked into a particular platform or vendor.  Run your solution in the public or private cloud or trust EY teams to help manage it for you.

EY Nexus

A digital platform for financial services

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