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    COVID-19 enterprise resilience checklist

    During times of disruption and instability, organizations need to stabilize operations, shore up their balance sheets and plan for the future. EY checklists and insights will help you create financial resilience to see you through the now, next and beyond.

    Key considerations

    Stabilize the situation by ensuring liquidity and stabilizing operations.

    • Cash generation
    • Preserve cash and optimize working capital
    • Stabilize and assess critical operations
    • Supplier contract and credit terms renegotiations
    • Communications to gain stakeholder confidence and support credit and contract renegotiation
    • Activate tax refunds, carryforwards, etc.

    Start planning for the future by reducing cost and shoring up the balance sheet.

    • Cost reduction opportunity assessment
    • Updated risk assessment
    • Tax cost recovery strategies
    • Revised sourcing strategies and agreements
    • Full-time equivalent (FTE) outsourcing
    • Asset sales

    Succeed through business disruption and seize opportunities for the future.

    • Take advantage of low asset prices and low valuations for potential acquisitions
    • Seek new talent that is now available in the market
    • Activate longer term value through new communities, relationships, and values
    • Realigned strategies and roadmaps (tax, supplier, credit, etc.)
    • Long-term value from cost reduction strategies (managed services. outsourcing, etc.)

    Lead through the COVID-19 crisis

    We have a clear view of the critical questions and new answers required for effective business continuity and resilience.


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