Pointellis™ is an open, trusted data exchange platform and suite of applications that links all the key players in the cell and gene therapy (CGT) ecosystem involved in the patient’s treatment journey.

Your business challenge

Cell and gene therapies (CGTs) are ushering in a transformative era in medicine, and the number of patients treated with them is expected to grow from the hundreds today to hundreds of thousands by the decade’s end. But these life-changing therapies are complex and expensive to manufacture and administer. How can they be made available at scale for all those in need?

  • Unlike chemotherapy, CGT development and service rely on multiple digital handoffs of time-sensitive information and materials across a diverse set of organizations and systems.
  • Today, 90% of CGT treatments are not provided at the scheduled time.
  • If every biopharma company built its own infrastructure to deliver these treatments it would cost an additional unnecessary US $1 billion.
  • It currently takes six to eight weeks to treat a patient, leaving critically ill patients vulnerable.

To successfully scale CGTs, real-time signaling across an extraordinarily complex value chain will be essential, so that problems can be detected early and speedy course corrections made.

All members of the value chain must be able to securely communicate and share information they trust.

Solution benefits

Connecting each participant in the CGT value chain and forming a participatory information exchange, Pointellis™ speeds delivery of life-changing therapies, minimizes costly errors and makes these treatments more widely available. Pointellis™:

  • Helps secure sharing of trusted information
  • Provides earlier access to alerts and problems that could happen along the way and gives users the information to solve them
  • Reduces system duplications that can be costly
  • Frees up the CGT ecosystem to develop and deliver much needed therapies and helps to keep health care providers informed and engaged

Use case

As the various stakeholders in the CGT ecosystem move into the commercialization of their therapies, Pointellis™ will facilitate a more open and secure sharing of the required data and information.

Solution features & functionality

Pointellis™ leverages the cutting-edge technology strengths of Microsoft and SAP® to drive the change required for the cell and gene therapy industry to deliver personalized, life-altering therapies at scale, with security, accessibility, and reliability. Both Microsoft and SAP, two of the most prominent enterprise technology partners, are critical to the systems of record within cell and gene ecosystems.

These key alliance partners provide Pointellis™ with critical compliance, security, data protection, cloud and other key technical capabilities to deliver a world-class solution that easily integrates across the wide range of infrastructure of EY clients and the industry.

The platform brings together data from the diverse stakeholders of the CGT community in a participatory information exchange, simplifying access to information for the different steps of a patient’s personalized treatment.

There are many digital handoffs of data and information between all of the stakeholders within the CGT ecosystem to help determine the service of the right treatment, to the right patient, in the right place. Pointellis™ recognizes the need to provide a common set of data, made available through digital ID decoding, and easily shared in a secure and trusted environment.

As part of the Pointellis™ platform we have built a suite of applications aimed at resolving specific challenges within the industry by turning those data connections into actionable information.

The Case Assist tool, addresses the critical needs of the biopharma case worker by providing access to information that is traditionally found across several systems through a mobile application, thus eliminating manual searches and enabling better insight into a patient’s treatment journey status, in near-real time.

The Slot Schedule tool bridges the gap between manufacturing teams and health providers, allowing the capacity to manufacture treatments to be communicated at a glance - improving transparency for all users and helping to ensure available slots get filled.

The Logistics Organize tool allows logistics managers to have access to real-time shipment information at their fingertips by documenting and tracking shipments, monitoring temperature status and seeing all delivery routes — at a glance.

Why EY

Pointellis™, and its associated applications, facilitates the open, secure and transparent sharing of information among all the stakeholders in the treatment journey by allowing them to share information (from multiple digital sources) in a trusted environment. Pointellis™ creates a more participatory information exchange environment that will help with the continued growth and success of the CGT industry as it moves to greater levels of commercialization.


  • What is Pointellis™?

    Pointellis™ is an open, trusted data exchange and digital framework that links all the key stakeholders in the cell and gene therapy (CGT) ecosystem. Pointellis™ addresses critical pain points in the industry by creating a single source of data that CGT stakeholders can share and rely on, which serves to speed up services of vital, potentially life-saving therapies, minimize costly errors and make treatments more widely available to everyone who can benefit.

  • How does Pointellis™ work?

    Rather than building duplicative data systems that create more siloes, Pointellis™ bridges the digital language divide in the value chain by providing all those involved in a patient’s treatment journey with a common set of data that can be trusted using our digital ID decoder. This enables CGT stakeholders to focus on what they do best: developing and delivering new and effective therapies and keeping patients and health care providers connected, informed and engaged.

  • Who in the CGT value chain can benefit from Pointellis™?

    Pointellis™ is designed to facilitate the delivery of individualized treatments safely at scale by targeting the following stakeholders in the CGT value chain:

    • Biopharmaceutical and life sciences companies working in CGT
    • Transportation and supply chain companies
    • Drug manufacturers
    • Providers (e.g., cancer research centers, oncologists)
    • Payors (insurance companies, Medicare, Medicaid)
  • How does Pointellis™ keep data and information secure?

    Pointellis™ leverages the cutting-edge technologies of Microsoft for security and privacy. Microsoft’s proven approach to data integrity allows users of Pointellis™ to store data using a zero-defect system, solidifying the integrity of the broad process. This allows users to track-and-trace patient tissues, blood samples and finished therapies all the way through the treatment process, helping to minimize errors.

  • How can users of Pointellis™ acquire actionable information to resolve problems?

    The Pointellis™ suite of applications provides users with actionable information they need to address the complex challenges of delivering CGTs. Each application takes advantage of our digital ID decoder to resolve specific critical issues along the value chain – from digitizing the case worker experience to save time, reduce chances of error and allow for safely handling more patients; to optimizing manufacturing slots and centralizing management of treatment scheduling, sequencing and rescheduling.

  • Why is there a need to translate multiple digital IDs to enable data sharing and collaboration in the CGT value chain?

    CGTs require an error-free outcome from beginning to end, built on transparency and a real-time understanding of what is going on with every therapy throughout the course of the treatment journey at any point in time. To tackle this challenge, the industry needs a proven mechanism such as Pointellis™ that can translate multiple digital IDs to create an open, transparent and trusted single source of data that CGT stakeholders can share and rely on.

  • How can Pointellis™ drive better health outcomes for everyone?

    Pointellis™ serves as an interoperable system built on trust and partnership; one that supports data collection, management and sharing, and evolves and expands to manage rapid growth and commercialization. By harnessing the transformative power of data, technology and stewardship of information, Pointellis™ gives stakeholders in the CGT value chain the ability to bring more life-saving therapies to those who will benefit.

  • What role will Pointellis™ play in the future of the CGT industry?

    Pointellis™ is positioned to become the industry utility that will enable the CGT ecosystem to collaborate in unprecedented ways. As the CGT industry matures, Pointellis™ will expand into future applications to address the growing critical pain points, enable further innovation in individualized medicine and help turn treatments of last resort into therapies of first choice.

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