Photographic portrait of Chris Price
I believe in ambition and action, and I will neither undervalue opportunity nor live half a life ever.

Chris J. Price

Managing Partner, Financial Services Law, Ernst & Young LLP United Kingdom

Oxford Blue. Enthusiastic skier, horse rider, runner. Keen interest in fast depreciating cars and slowly appreciating wines. Husband and father of two.

Chris is the Managing Partner for Financial Services Law in the UK.  He also leads EY’s Legal Transformation and our Legal Co-Sourcing practice globally.  

Prior to his current role, Chris led EY’s acquisition of Riverview Law and became it’s CEO throughout Riverview’s integration into EY, at the same time leading EY’s Global Tax relationship with some of the largest international banking clients.  Chris previously led EY EMEIA Financial Services Organization (FSO) Tax and Law business, as well as People Advisory Services, leading a team of around 10,000 professionals who focussed on aspects of EY’s clients’ strategies, including change management, talent management and development, mobility and immigration, reward and organizational design.

Chris earned his BA in Jurisprudence from the University of Oxford.

How Chris is building a better working world 

“I am helping to build a better working world by bringing people together, including using technology to help shape a new business era for millennials. I believe that forming alliances and tapping into professional skills of people and companies both disrupts and ultimately helps the market. In my work, it’s important for me to think global and empower local."

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