How COVID-19 lessons from Asia-Pacific shape priority business actions

In this webcast, panelists discuss the impact of COVID-19 and the lessons learned by the financial services sector in Asia-Pacific.

The rapid global spread of COVID-19 has far-reaching impacts on financial services institutions. We are seeing an extended period of economic and social uncertainty, and disruption lies ahead. However, financial institutions in some Asia-Pacific markets have experienced this impact several weeks earlier than other markets in the region, and months before global financial centers in Europe and the Americas.

These firms can provide vital lessons learned for markets that are only experiencing the full implications of the virus now. At the same time, these Asia-Pacific institutions are facing a longer and more severe disruption than it had first been anticipated. They must now start to plan for operations over an extended challenging period of potentially several months.

Join EY subject matter resources to gain insights on:

  1. The key lessons learned from Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and South Korea, and how these can help financial institutions in Oceania and elsewhere, globally adapt more quickly to the impact of the virus.
  2. Learning from Asia-Pacific markets that have been operating in crisis mode since February, and what management’s immediate priorities should be to prepare for the medium-term outlook of several more months of global stress.
  3. Thoughts on planning for the ‘new normal’ and strategic considerations for long-term changes in operating models, technology, people and client experience.


Aaron Perryman
EY Asia-Pacific Financial Services Consulting and Digital Leader; Asia-Pacific Financial Services Diversity & Inclusiveness (D&I) Sponsoring Partner
Graeme McKenzie
EY Asia-Pacific Financial Services Chief Operating Officer
Jeremy Pizzala
EY Global Financial Services Office Cyber Leader and Hong Kong FSO Consulting Leader


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