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Additive/3DP, also known as additive manufacturing, is driving a new era of production. It’s changing the end-to-end value chain with novel manufacturing capabilities that allow for completely new products and business models.

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Robotic process automation, blockchain, the Internet of Things, additive manufacturing/3D printing – all of these emerging technologies build the foundation for Industry 4.0.

Together with these other technologies, additive manufacturing/3DP is driving a new era of production.

It’s changing the end-to-end value chain with novel product design and manufacturing capabilities, allowing for completely new products and business models. This enforces a transformation journey on every industry.

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, can trigger the transformation of an entire business model. No wonder it requires a holistic approach toward a new value chain to maximize the benefits that come from this new technology.

Ask yourself:

  • How do we protect our intellectual property?
  • How do we secure the integrity and quality of the “printed” product?
  • How do we comply with legal, tax and other regulations using additive manufacturing?

New ideas and technologies are not just trends; they are the drivers of the  Transformative Age. Additive manufacturing/3D printing is one disruptor that organizations across every industry need to put on their strategic agendas, now.

3D printing not only helps you visualize, develop and produce in record time, it also can help your organization realize benefits along the entire value chain.

  • Product life cycle and development: Reduced time-to-market and shortened product development design cycles
  • Product innovation: Developing products with specifications that have been difficult to manufacture in the past
  • Engineering and maintenance: More flexible maintenance processes and reduced maintenance costs
  • Logistics and warehousing: Reduced inventory, logistics and logistics costs, spare part storage

We’ve developed a four-phased approach to embedding 3D printing in an organization:

  1. Undertaking a maturity assessment and creating organizational awareness to identify 3DP potential
  2. Performing a 3DP diagnostic to identify the areas of application and use cases that would bring high value
  3. Developing a transformation road map by consolidating, prioritizing and building a three- to five-year transformational road map.
  4. Supporting implementation of operational processes required for the full and sustainable integration of 3D printing within an organization.

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