Cybersecurity response

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EY can help you develop the organizational capability to react to foreseeable and unforeseeable security breaches, while adapting and reshaping operations for sustainable, long-term performance.

What EY can do for you

All organizations will suffer from a cybersecurity breach at some point. They need to have all of their defenses up and running 24/7 and 365 days a year; hackers just need one lucky shot.

We help organizations to be prepared for a stressful cybersecurity breach situation, and we help them through it when it happens. The focus is on crisis management and on returning to business as usual, hunting down the hackers and getting back what was stolen, and supporting communications to stakeholders and the wider ecosystem.

In addition, EY provides:

  • Cybersecurity breach simulation exercises, or “war games.” We create real-life cybersecurity breach situations in which executive teams need to make decisions about how to move forward and respond. We help identify strengths and weaknesses with these responses and what needs to be done to improve. After the war game, participants have more experience in handling a crisis situation and will receive an improvement plan so that they are better prepared next time.
  • Cybersecurity compromise diagnostics. The majority of organizations discover a cybersecurity breach too late; the breach has already been happening for months (or even years). With the compromise diagnostic, we actively hunt for hackers in the system. We aim to find “indicators of compromise.”


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