Due Diligence on service providers and delegates

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Asset managers are facing an increasing need to demonstrate the effective oversight and governance of third party service providers and delegates, and in particular, distributors.

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Not only do managers need to effectively manage business risks related to the delegation or outsourcing of key functions, but there are increasingly high expectations of regulators when examining records demonstrating that effective initial and on-going due diligence has been performed. 

Managers are increasingly resorting to third party service providers to perform tailored end-to-end services to perform the due diligence on third parties / distributors and document it accordingly with a proper risk assessment.

To an extent, the outsourcing of such activities can be seen as an efficient pillar of market infrastructure, as service providers build up intelligence on key market participants which forms the basis of due diligence data with multiple end users. 

What EY can do for you

Our third party due diligence service can be tailored to your needs, which can range from a potential gap analysis or providing regulatory support to the implementation of a digital platform or provision of a managed service. We can provide a complete end-to-end offering. The digital platform has been adapted to perform due diligence on third parties in the asset management industry such as fund distributors, investment managers and fund administrators. Our solution is quick to be deployed and enables asset managers to achieve efficiencies in their due diligence execution and enables them to concentrate more on the required risk assessment.

We offer our service in three different models:

Regulatory Support

Here we support you in the initial gap analysis, requirement specification and with specific, detailed due diligence analysis.

Platform set-up

We sets-up a TPRM platform for our clients to streamline the due diligence process to reduce operational costs and to provide better analysis capabilities.

Managed Service

We can provide a TPRM Managed Service enabling our clients to gain cross industry efficiencies and to concentrate on analysis findings and mitigations.


  • Regulatory expertise

    • Regulatory and distribution expertise
    • Leading regulatory Managed Service
    • Well-connected into industry working groups and with key investment associations
  • Fast track implementation

    EY’s fast track onboarding approach combining well established TPRM platform and regulatory expertise

  • Cutting-edge technical capability

    • Full end-to-end platform -from data management to report production
    • No black box service – transparency through the client portal
  • Tailored services

    • Real full end-to-end service - Value added services (e.g., detailed analyses)
    • On and off-shore resources
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We provide our clients with an end-to-end solution to perform their due diligence on third parties or distributors.

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