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Digitally enabled tax compliance & transparency reporting is high on the agenda of organizations and instrumental to efficiently monitor & manage risks.

John Hames

Tax Partner – Global Compliance & Reporting (GCR)

Luxembourg’s economy transformational changes; Multi-cultural business environment; Entrepreneurship; Tax policy evolutions in a rapid changing international taxation landscape;

John is a tax partner in the GCR practice.

Over 28 years of experience in tax compliance, tax accounting, tax risk management & controversy.

Digital projects leader in Tax.

Degree in economics obtained at the University Louis Pasteur in Strasbourg (France).

Member of the Luxembourg Institute of chartered accountants (OEC) as well as of the Luxembourg branch of the International Fiscal Association (IFA); Luxembourg’s representative at the European Fiscal Confederation (CFE)

Authored/participated in various EY & external publications on Luxemburg tax law, most recently “The implications of digitalization of tax compliance and reporting for organizations – Status and outlook for Luxembourg” (2018 published by IFA Luxembourg with Legitech)

How John is building a better working world

We help organizations to manage their increasingly complex tax compliance agenda. We handle multi-country tax compliance engagements, using IT enabled reporting tools, including dashboards, web based collaborative platforms and data analytics.


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