Supporting our people and communities

Supporting our people and communities

Our People 

Keeping in line with a main pillar of our NextWave strategy, and to maintain sustainable growth whilst build a better working world, we want to ensure that our employees’ careers progress.

This entails not only attracting the right talent, but also empowering that talent to grow and achieve their development goals. Our employees’ skills and expertise form the foundation of our performance. Therefore, at EY Luxembourg, we seek to develop them in the best possible way, so that they evolve and find meaning in their everyday work.

We do everything we can to make their EY experience last a lifetime, no matter how long they spend with us.

To attract talented individuals with the skills we need, we must ensure that they are familiar with the company and show them everything that we offer to aid their education, development, and fulfilment.

Then, we focus all our efforts on the quality of our career follow-up, thanks to our internal evaluation tool, LEAD, and on the variety of support and training programs we provide. These cover a very wide range of fields using different media and learning methods, in order to accommodate each individual’s preferred learning style.

Lastly, we take advantage of our size to offer our employees increasingly flexible options in terms of their day-to-day working lives and career paths, so that these accord as much as possible with their personal and professional aspirations.

  • Total Number of employees: 1425 (excluding 104 interns)
  • 81 different nationalities 
  • Breakdown of employees (D&I KPIs)

Focus on Talent Scouting: Our Recruitment Strategy 

EY is attractive to potential talent because we offer diverse careers that allow these individuals to develop rapidly. We seek talented people whose skills are suited to our assignments and our development. Therefore, our objectives are to:

  • continue recruiting students from the top business and engineering schools and legal and financial universities;
  • broaden our targeting of specialists in digitalization, data, analytics, cybersecurity and digital transformation, who are required to support our clients in their digital transformation projects; 
  • continue our policy of recruiting BAC +2/+3 graduates specializing in accounting, in order to help them acquire financial skills and enable them to obtain the Accounting and Management Diploma (DCG) and Higher Accounting and Management Diploma (DSCG).

Focus on Talent Development  

EY aims to provide the highest quality of service to its clients. This calls for investment, not only in training and developing the skills of our employees, but also in career follow-up so that they can give full rein to their inherent qualities.

  • LEAD, our internal evaluation tool

    LEAD is EY’s employee career and skills development tool. It replaces the employee appraisal with an annual progress report, which is based on regular discussions between employees and their mentors, who support them and advise them on career management throughout their time at EY.

    Via LEAD, employees request qualitative feedback from the colleagues and managers they work with on assignments, so they can benefit from personalized career follow-up based on their professional aspirations.

  • Training

    To make the provided training more flexible, accessible and efficient, EY offers its employees a unique platform, including a full range of training experiences: SuccessFactors. 

    SuccessFactors offers over 3,000 training courses through remote learning in innovative formats (Ted Talks, games, simulations and videos).

    All employees have a personalized training plan based on their job, role and development. They then build their curriculum with their sponsor, including compulsory training and other training offered on the platform, according to their needs.

    Average accumulated training time per employee: 40 hours 

    Type of training: 

    • “On-the-job” training: our employees learn the technical foundations of their profession through their senior colleagues and managers. They are introduced to management activities after two years at EY, then trained in business development in their fifth year. They can obtain a wealth of technical and sector-specific experience, thanks to the variety of assignments and client challenges and an international working environment.
    • Technical training: each service line has its own technical training programs. These are delivered face-to-face, virtually, through e-learning or through a micro-learning application. Individual external training courses covering a range of topics are also offered to our people if they specifically require this. The courses are updated in line with the development of our service lines and changing societal and digital trends.

    Our employees also receive specific training whenever they change roles (grade transition, mentoring) and have the option of certification training (EY badges), in sector-specific expertise and inclusive management. Many training courses have been revised to incorporate a preliminary e-learning component, thereby reducing the overall duration of training courses.

  • EY Badges

    EY Badges is a portable and shareable program which demonstrates skills and commitment not only to your EY colleagues but also to those in the broader business spectrum. It opens up a world of possibilities by enabling EY employees to earn digital badges for future-focused skills such as data visualization, data science and artificial intelligence (AI) and for skills like transformational leadership or inclusive intelligence.

    To earn a badge, our employees should participate in required learning, challenge themselves to take on new experiences and to contribute to the broader community. Through EY Badges, EY provides its employees with the opportunity to continuously improve, transform and stay relevant.

    Alongside other courses, EY introduced the Climate Change and Sustainability Badge. Earners of this badge have a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts, tools and applications and how to apply these to business-related problems. They prove that they can effectively communicate with internal and external parties in this area, that they have an interest in understanding the fundamentals of climate change and how the world around them is impacted by business, societal and individual decisions.

Career Flexibility

EY aims to make the EY experience unique for all its employees and to strengthen talent retention. EY employees have three main aspirations:

  • to develop specialized skills;
  • access career paths and a working environment adapted to their needs;
  • carry out meaningful work. 

In response, we offer them a range of options, all of which are paramount for our Flexible Career Approach. 

At EY Luxembourg, our Flexible Career Approach aims to bring together all the measures that allow us to take into account the personal and professional needs and aspirations of EY employees throughout their careers in the most effective manner, so that we can offer them individually tailored progression. 

This approach is based on three main pillars:

  • Talent support programs, to help employees flourish professionally
  • Working time arrangements, so that employees can participate in several active life courses, learn skills or reorient themselves professionally, or devote time to a personal need or project
  • Career path flexibility, in terms of roles, service lines or geographical location, in order to facilitate mobility

These pillars have proven their importance during the Covid 19 period, in which EY Luxembourg showed great resilience.

During FY21, our Professionals have been supported by 104 interns, who had access to our EY Traineeship Program. 

Types of contract

Employee trust, collaboration and engagement

At EY, we believe that our responsibility as an employer is to ensure the well-being of each and every person, regardless of their role and their profile, keeping in line with our corporate purpose of building a better working world, which lies at the heart of our NextWave strategy.

To this end, we have therefore implemented a range of measures to create a compassionate work environment, very rich in intellectual and human capital. This is the foundation of our competitiveness and the quality of service we provide to our clients and partners.

By making each individual the focus of our environment, we aim to create a feeling of belonging and the certainty that working at EY is a unique experience. Indeed, our employees want to commit and give the best of themselves, and therefore be fully engaged with EY.

Our actions are divided into three main areas:

  1. Establishing and keeping a stable feeling of trust among EY employees
  2. The well-being of our employees at work
  3. Creating an inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of their specific circumstances

Even the way in which working areas are designed and organized contributes to our performance, through ergonomic workstations and the creation of a motivating working environment for employees. EY has upgraded its PC fleet and redesigned its premises, floor by floor, in order to create more opportunity for collaboration and interactivity among colleagues.

Establishing and maintaining a relationship of trust between employees means that EY employees are expected to listen to one another with respect.

  1. Employee exchange schemes: the Counselling Family Trees are mentorship structures that bring together employees ranging from junior to partner level every quarter for an informal discussion, in order to facilitate the flow of information, knowledge and mutual understanding.
  2. Team spirit: to foster a compassionate atmosphere at work, we strive to improve our values of integrity, respect and team spirit by training our managers and our teams in collegial decision making and how to build lasting relationships of trust. We are also expanding discussions between sponsors and those sponsored thanks to LEAD, our career development tool.
  3. Employee engagement: each year, EY carries out a worldwide anonymous survey of all its employees and partners: the Global People Survey (GPS). It allows us to gauge our employees’ level of engagement, their degree of satisfaction with quality, people management, ethics, and well-being at work as well as their understanding of the business strategy.

We registered a proportion of turnover equal to 26,9 % which is in line with that registered in the market for our business. EY Luxembourg’s Talent Team is constantly committed to retaining our Talent.

Focus on the well-being of our employees at work

EY's professions are unlikely to lead to workplace accidents; the biggest risk they present is the generation of stress, coming from the nature of the business and the expectations of our clients. The well-being of our employees at work is essential to ensure sustainable performance. EY has therefore built its work environment in accordance with this principle, based on the four pillars of health, work environment, work/life balance and team spirit.

  • Health and working environment

    EY collaborates closely with the occupational health department on general health and safety measures to ensure the optimal physical well-being of its employees.

  • Response to COVID-19

    EY Luxembourg has been taking a people-first approach to responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, with an emphasis on supporting the safety, and mental and physical health, of EY. Our people approach allowed us to quickly adapt to fast-changing working conditions through leveraging on the remote working and health protective measures (e.g. protective masks and free self-test distribution, installation of protective screens between the desks, raising awareness around respect of social distancing and health rules in the office). In addition, we adapted the office organization to allow employees to work safely at the office, as we recognized the importance of social interaction in safeguarding the mental health of our employees. We have also implemented measures to adopt a hybrid working environment.

    To support these efforts, EY also developed a comprehensive COVID-19 web portal to provide EY Staffs and their families with the latest news from internal and external sources. It includes EY materials, travel restrictions, vendor information, articles, training courses, mobile applications, and contact information for referrals and consultation by phone, video, or online chat. There is also a virtual teaming section of the website where team leaders can share the ways in which they are supporting their staff members and exchange ideas for building morale, such as hosting virtual group activities.

  • Focus on creating an inclusive environment for everyone, regardless of their specific circumstances

    Difference is embraced. At EY Luxembourg we are supporting a diversified and inclusive working environment.

    Through our commitment to diversity and inclusion, our ambition is to draw value from the strength of our differences to create the most effective teams and obtain better results, for both ourselves and for our clients.

    Our strategy is based on three pillars:

    1. Creation of conditions that enable everybody to flourish at EY and reach their true potential, regardless of their individual characteristics,
    2. Promotion of the inclusion of a range of profiles, the creation of diverse teams and listening to differences, which is a fundamental source of innovation and performance,
    3. Action within society to promote equal opportunities. EY does not operate in isolation and seeks to act within an ecosystem that is both diverse and dynamic

    EY Luxembourg has been taking concrete action to promote inclusion:

    • Training of recruitment staff in the challenges of diversity and unconscious bias during the recruitment process
    • Awareness-raising among new hires at ‘Welcome to EY’ induction events
    • Training of managers in decision-making bias and inclusive management
    • Networks and clubs to facilitate team engagement in promoting inclusion

    EY Luxembourg actively works to increase female representation in the company.

    Lastly, EY pays close attention to gender equality in the context of performance appraisals, promotions and pay. Rules on monitoring and comparative gender reviews are incorporated into every stage of the annual performance recognition process.

    Average gap in the hourly pay of male against female employees monitored for the client-facing services lines.

    Average gap in the hourly pay of male against female employees monitored for BCS

Our Community

One of our main targets is to empower people to make sustainable choices and lead by example. Therefore, we are committed in being an upstanding corporate citizen.

To achieve its aim of helping make the world of work in which we operate more balanced, EY launched its EY Ripples engagement program worldwide in order to increase its social impact.

EY Ripples offers everyone at EY the opportunity to play a role in building a better working world and to contribute positively to impact the lives of one billion people by 2030. EY Luxembourg launched and promoted this initiative locally in FY2021. 

How can we make the difference?

1. Supporting the ​next generation ​workforce​ to develop the mindsets and transferable skills they’ll need to find and sustain meaningful work in the transformative age.

2. Working with ​impact ​entrepreneurs​, helping scale small and growing businesses that are driving progress toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

3. Accelerating ​environmental sustainability, driving adoption of behaviors, technologies and business models that protect and regenerate the environment while unlocking economic opportunity.

Importantly, the ripples start with EY people, but it is only through collaboration with our broader ecosystem that we can scale our impact and reach our aspirational number of beneficiaries. This why, for FY22 EY Luxembourg is setting specific goals at a local level in terms of number of participants and lives impacted through the EY Ripples project.

In addition, in FY21 EY Luxembourg was actively collaborating with various cultural and medical institutions, NGOs that work with children and families in difficult situations. The company during Luxembourg donated 43,830 euros to the following organizations:

EY Luxembourg Sustainability report - Charity infographic

Due to the current Covid-19 Pandemic, our employees often could not physically contribute to the organized social activities, but the company hopes to continue these engaging initiatives in the new financial year.

In addition to these collaborations, we are constantly committed to creating a better working world by working with professionals and associations, active in different industries.

In 2016 we organized the 5th edition of the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. A new edition was supposed to take place in 2020 but it was postponed due to the Covid-19 crisis. The Award was launched 35 years ago (in 1986) by EY in the United States. So far, it has been organized in more than 150 cities, 70 countries and rewards more than 1.000 outstanding entrepreneurs every year. Known as the most prestigious award assigned to entrepreneurs throughout the world, the Entrepreneur of the Year Award aims to reward entrepreneurs who have displayed entrepreneurial and innovative spirit, an ingenious strategy of development, an excellent financial performance and an effective management of their human resources and their organization. It provides a unique opportunity for the entrepreneurs who are established in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg to be awarded for their outstanding achievement at a local and international level.