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EYnovation™ - Are you brave enough to take on a giant?

EYnovation is an initiative launched by EY to support your innovative company at whatever stage your business is at.

We help startups and scaleups with solving strategic, legal and financial issues – this can be at the very beginning (seed phase), when you start selling to your first customers (early growth phase) or when you’re scaling up internationally (expansion phase).

This website details our services, events, other initiatives and startup information. Go ahead and explore EYnovation to find information relevant to YOUR needs and drop us a line to see how we can help you further!

How to be part of EYnovation™

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  • Stand up phase | Building a strong foundation

    In the very earliest days of your company, we help you make the right decisions when it comes to choosing a legal structure, obtaining approvals and protecting intellectual property rights.

    We will help you answer the following questions:

    • What is the best legal structure for my company?
    • What is the best location?
    • What is my social security status as a founder?
    • How should I handle the registration and approval process?
    • How do I set up an accounting system?
    • What do I need to consider with regard to taxes?
    • How do I create a business plan?
    • What is the best name for my company?
    • Where can I find advice on founding a company, creating company agreements and drawing up other basic documents?
    • Who can help me implement a tax-optimized company structure?
    • How do I protect trademarks and IP rights?
    • How do I develop the best strategy?
    • How do I identify the best opportunity?
    • Who can help me understand working capital requirements?
    • What is the best way to monetize my product?
    • How do I define my roadmap?
    • Who can help me design my prototype?
    • Etc.
  • Startup phase | Gaining momentum

    Your business plan is picking up pace. We support you in reporting, approaching investors and many other topics. At this stage, it is vital to make the right decisions in the areas of funding, planning and due diligence.

    We will help you answer the following questions:

    • How do I incorporate first supporters (family and friends) and set up shareholder agreements?
    • Is there a business angel who can help me?
    • How should I approach potential investors?
    • How can I apply for grants/incentives?
    • What are the different possibilities for types of funding and participation?
    • How do I set up contracts such as General Terms and Conditions, purchasing and supply contracts?
    • How do I create employment contracts for managers, employees and others, including matters of social security law?
    • What accounting and reporting systems should I adopt?
    • Who can help me with due diligence and company valuation?
    • How do I design my MVP?
    • How do I structure my Product department?
    • Who can help me with UX/UI reviews/improvements?
    • Is my product viable?
    • Etc.
  • Early Growth phase | Speeding up

    Your sales are increasing and your company is growing. We help you source venture capital and put growth on a sound foundation. Your EY team will offer you all the support you need to make your success sustainable for the long term.

    We will help you answer the following questions:

    • How do I attract venture capital to progress from a start-up to a market-ripe company?
    • Where can I get assistance with conducting negotiations, financing and incorporating investors?
    • How can I develop employee loyalty and incentive programs?
    • How can I efficiently and effectively protect IP and company data?
    • Who can help me implement a tax-optimized company structure?
    • How can I achieve transparency through reliable company information and figures?
    • How do I stay on top of tasks?
    • How do I make sure I comply with IFRS standards?
    • How do I make sense of international legal systems?
    • • How do I enter new markets?
    • Who can help me understand my customer?
    • How do I retain my talents?
    • Do I have the right talents and resources?
    • How can I improve my customer support service?
    • How do I strategize and improve my product?
    • What do I need to improve in my products?
    • Etc.
  • Expansion phase | Aiming higher

    Your start-up is growing fast and becoming a strong brand. You begin to act successfully in the markets. We support you with finding more funding and managing partial exits or IPOs. It is crucial for you to find the right answers to the major challenges that inevitably arise as companies progress to the next stage.

    We will help you answer the following questions:

    • How can I best prepare myself for entering international markets and/or an IPO?
    • How do I conduct negotiations with strategic investors?
    • Who can advise me on preparing for a (partial) exit?
    • How do I go about expanding globally and founding international operations?
    • Where do I get legal advice on company and capital market laws when preparing an IPO?
    • How can I increase profitability?
    • How should I handle investor exits?
    • Should I restructure my company to prepare for an IPO?
    • What has to be considered when creating an issue prospectus?
    • Etc.


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Startup World Cup: Quarter finals at EY Luxembourg

The third edition is coming soon in Luxembourg


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EY Luxembourg Partner, Assurance Leader

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EY Luxembourg Audit Assurance Partner