EYnovation™ - Are you brave enough to take on a giant?

EY strongly believes in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Through our EYnovation™ program, developed specifically for startups and scaleups, we support the Luxembourg government policy around startup nation by bringing our in-house expertise of dedicated multidisciplinary EY professionals and our international network to ambitious entrepreneurs to grow big.

From engaging for years with entrepreneurs and international startups/scaleups, who are eager to step in our ecosystem, we proudly look back on great experiences, enriching encounters and promising discoveries.

We want to continue this exciting journey together from idea to exit. As part of EY’s mission to build a better working world, we offer specialized and tailored guidance for sustainable growth. Our goal is to enable innovation within startups and scaleups, within our corporate clients and the local and international ecosystem.

The EYnovation™ program will help you to accelerate your growth journey and grow from local to global.

Share your project with us. We are looking forward to collaborating with you.


Anthony Cannella, EYNovation leader
Hélène Delamare,
Frederic Munch,
Isabel Holguera Vera.

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Limited space: A focus on quality

The program provides all necessary support to make sure foundations of your business are strong to support your expansion. 

Upon being selected, within our 6-month long program, you will benefit from 20 hours of advice to address your business needs, a dedicated Account Manager and program mentor to accompany through your journey, strategic workshop sessions with our experts, direct access to EY’s worldwide extensive network to help scale your business and further additional advantages to leverage from, at no costs. 

What is the EYnovation™ Program?

6 months

Holistic Startup & Scaleup coaching and mentoring program.

20 hours of Coaching

Leverage 20 hours of our expertise to work on your urgent topics through workshops and day to day questions followed by your own account manager, program mentor and EY experts.

Tailored Workshops

Focused and individual workshops on high priority topics provided by all EY service lines and our experts.

Selected Startups

Upon careful and detailed selection, we offer startups and scaleups, we believe in, a spot in our program. Space is limited to ensure individual collaboration and quality driven results.

Your journey with us

Scale, get funded, connect. We support you


Startups / Scaleups

Boost your business with our expertise

  • Business plan and financial model review and update
  • Detailed growth strategy support
  • Financial performance review
  • Target operating model design and implementation support
  • Product innovation review and strategy support
  • Support available across all EY service lines
  • IP protection strategy and implementation


Partner with the right and valuable investor

  • Matchmaking/funding support
  • Due diligence services
  • Fundraising documentation and pitch support
  • Valuation services
  • Financial report analysis + feedback


Bring your solution to your customer and foster innovation in reality

  • Matchmaking/introductions
  • Encourage and support open Innovation
  • Support joint ventures
  • POC support
Luxembourg / Worldwide Ecosystem

Luxembourg / Worldwide Ecosystem

Constantly engage in strategic conversations and initiatives

  • Matchmaking/introductions
  • Access to local and international EY network
  • Events, competitions, hackathons
  • Aid-and support programmes

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