AIF Club - Webcast - Valuation & financial modelling challenges in the Infrastructure sector

The next Coffee Chat of the series will cover “Valuation & financial modelling challenges in the Infrastructure sector”. This will be hosted by Zeeshan Ahmed, Partner, Infrastructure leader, EY Luxembourg along with Christophe Vandendorpe, Partner, Strategy and Transactions Leader, EY Luxembourg as guest speaker.

Infrastructure asset cash flows are known to be relatively predictable, however this comes with frequent dependence on complex financial models. Valuations, investor reporting and other needs depend on the reliability of such complex models.

How can conducting officers and AIF board members confidently exercise their professional duties while so much depends on complex models? As models change over time, how do they maintain their independent reviews in a cost-efficient way in line with AIFMD level 2 requirements?

During this webcast, we will explore how EY’s infrastructure valuation and modelling team address the above challenges, leveraging a team of expert & trained professionals supported by technological solutions.


Zeeshan Ahmed
Partner, Assurance, Private Equity
Christophe Vandendorpe
Leader, Strategy and Transactions, EY Luxembourg


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