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Today, private family capital is larger than private equity and venture capital combined. The increasing concentration of wealth held by very wealthy families and rising globalization are fueling the growth of family offices.

What EY can do for you

Family offices are complex organizations that require deep knowledge — not just of investment variables, but also a host of other factors. As trusted advisors to ambitious business-owning families, including more than 90% of the world’s top 500 family enterprises, EY teams have the experience and know-how to help the entire family enterprise — families, their family business and their family office — pursue growth opportunities while preserving values and building the family legacy. 

Drawing from more than 100 years of experience supporting the world’s most entrepreneurial families, EY Family Enterprise professionals are experienced in pinpointing and helping to optimize the drivers that impact family businesses’ growth and longevity, preserve wealth and culture, and solidify multigenerational legacies.

Why set up a family office?

A family office supports the family vision and legacy, ownership transitions, leadership transitions and successful wealth transitions. The benefits include privacy and confidentiality as the family office is the sole entity that keeps all information for all family members, covering the entire portfolio of assets, activities, tax and general personal information. Other advantages include transparent governance and management structure, alignment of interests, potential higher returns, and improved risk management.

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EY Single Family Office Study

Find out how 250 single family offices across the world perceive their own capabilities and what they are doing to future-proof their operations in a high-pressure and constantly changing world.

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Family offices are complex organizations that require deep knowledge. This guide provides leading practices for setting up and running successful family offices.

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EY FO guide
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EY Family Enterprise Award of Excellence Class of 2023

We are delighted to celebrate the recipients of the EY Family Enterprise Award of Excellence, an honor that recognizes excellence in family businesses. 

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