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Focusing on six human-centered levers is the formula for dramatically increased transformation success rates. EY Transformation EQ™ services help you assess, prepare for and effectively navigate the emotional journeys leaders and workers undergo during transformations.

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In the face of constant disruption, the capability to continuously transform at speed is core to business survival and success. Our latest research findings have revealed that 67% of senior leaders have experienced at least one underperforming transformation in the last five years. Using predictive analytics, we have identified six levers that, when combined, can dramatically increase success rates for transformations.

EY Transformation EQ™ services can help you navigate and implement leading practices across the six levers to deliver successful transformations. With a deep understanding of the emotional journeys both leaders and workers undergo during a transformation, combined with the knowledge of how to build an environment where collaboration, challenge, support, learning and accountability thrive, EY professionals are well equipped to help activate and accelerate transformation. EY services are scalable and adaptable so that all people are heard and feel safe, included and empowered. They include:  

Immersive experience

EY teams bring leaders together for an immersive half-day to two-day workshop to build trust and equip them with the mindset and foundation to plan and deliver human-centered transformation.

Diagnostic assessment

EY teams assess the health of a current or future program using a combination of qualitative and quantitative data to consider the rational and emotional factors that lead to a successful transformation. With an integrated view of critical metrics, including clear targets and priorities, this diagnostic establishes the infrastructure for iterative reporting and pulse checks throughout the transformation life cycle. This provides organizations with clear visibility of the greatest human-centered risk to derailing your transformation program along with data-led insight supporting investment decisions that can help secure project success.

Human foundations

In this multi-week program of work, EY teams help you anchor transformation plans and activities around the six human-centered levers that underpin successful transformations. The EY Human foundations approach focuses on the following three characteristics:

  • A shared understanding, clarity and belief: creating emotional engagement with an inspiring vision and developing the skills, mindset and tools to confidently lead and be accountable for the transformation
  • Effective management of the human journey: developing the governance model to deliberately build psychological safety into the program structure
  • The ability to turn vision into reality: activating influencers as a force of change through the organizational network, cocreating new ways of working

Benefits include:

  • Adaptable, courageous and accountable leaders who can engage, activate and accelerate the transformation
  • A purposeful vision to inspire, engage and build belief in the transformation
  • Robust people planning, including decision rights, tools and listening mechanisms
  • An environment of psychological safety that encourages learning, empowerment and experimentation

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