Mi Kyung Kim

Chief Executive Officer, EOS Corporation

South Korea

Winning women Asia-Pacific Mi Kyung Kim

EOS Corporation designs and produces printed circuit boards (PCB) that are used to build electronic devices.  

After graduating from university with a major in Electronic Engineering, Mi Kyung Kim worked in PCB design, before quitting her job to learn about PCB sales. In 1997, at the age of 25, she invested ten-thousand US dollars to start her own PCB design business, EOSi Corporation. As a one-person business she balanced two roles - sales during the daytime and product design overnight. Her first clients included Samsung and LG Electronics.  

In 2004, she acquired a PCB manufacturing company and rebranded her company as EOS Corporation.   

Today she has over 250 employees and over 500 customers. She continues to invest in research and development, developing patented products that have secured sales with international government organizations and corporates from the defence and aerospace sectors.  

Her vision for EOS Corporation is to design and manufacture its own branded products and sell them directly to end users. She sees the company’s growth in global markets. 

She is also a recipient of several awards, including Venture Entrepreneur from the Minister of Science and Technology of Korean in 2007, and is a Director of Korean Women Venture. 

EOS Corporation is headquartered in Incheon, Korea. 

“EOS Corporation aims to be the “Only One”, not ”Number One” in the market. So, we invest aggressively in developing cutting-edge technology that keeps us as the “Only One” for now and tomorrow”, says Mi Kyung Kim, Chief Executive Officer of EOS Corporation.