Stella Fung

Managing Director, Beijing Tong Ren Tang Fook Ming Tong Chinese Medical Center


Winning women Asia-Pacific Stella Fung

Fook Ming Tong Chinese Medical Center, established in 2004, brings modern management processes to traditional Chinese health care services. The company delivers traditional Chinese medicine services including oncology, gynecology, dermatology, general internal medicine, bone setting therapy, acupuncture and acupressure, and foot reflexology. It currently operates six traditional Chinese medical centers across Hong Kong. 

The company prides itself on delivering safe, effective, and quality traditional Chinese medical services to its customers. It focuses on the quality of its doctors and the quality of its herbal products.  

Stella Fung has over 30 years of experience in commercial banking, corporate banking and investment banking in Hong Kong. From 1995 to 2004, she acted as the Executive Director and General Manager of Dao Heng Securities Limited and Dao Heng Commodities Limited (presently Guoco Capital Limited).  She was also a registered Dealer and Investment Director with the Securities Future Exchange (SFC) over that period. 

As a Director of the Tung Wah Group of Hospitals, Stella actively participates in charity work that enables her to contribute to the society where she was raised. 

“We currently operate six traditional Chinese medical centers across Hong Kong and will expand to ten branches in the near future. I plan to open the first traditional Chinese medicine hospital in Hong Kong and take Chinese medicine to international markets,” says Stella Fung, Managing Director of Beijing Tong Ren Tang Fook Ming Tong Chinese Medical Center.