Susan Chong

Chief Executive Officer, Greenpac


Winning women Asia-Pacific Susan Chong

Greenpac is a knowledge-based company that specializes in re-engineering, designing and distributing innovative, environmentally-friendly packaging products and solutions. Since starting the company in September 2002, Susan has grown Greenpac from a one-woman start-up into a thriving multimillion dollar company. In the current environment, where companies are more aware of the need to reduce their carbon footprint to achieve a sustainable future, Greenpac’s customized solutions help companies switch to environmentally friendly packaging while reducing wastage and increasing their cost savings. Today, Greenpac serves Fortune 500 companies and is the market leader for environmentally friendly packaging solutions in Asia. 

Greenpac’s contributions to innovation and environmental sustainability have been recognized by the business community with various prestigious certifications and awards. The company was ranked fourth in the Enterprise 50 Award in 2008, and recently, it clinched the ASEAN Business Award for Most ASEAN Admired Enterprise for Corporate Social Responsibility (SME Category) in 2010 and Singapore Sustainability Awards 2011 by Singapore Business Federation (SBF). For her efforts, Susan also achieved the Entrepreneur of the Year Award by ASME in 2008. 

“In the packaging industry, people usually see what is not there and think of the limitations.  At Greenpac, we see what is not there and think of the possibilities. We can be a game-changer by fundamentally shifting the way things are done through innovation to achieve a win-win partnership with our clients and partners”, says Susan Chong, Chief Executive Officer of Greenpac.