Commercial strategy consulting

The EY-Parthenon commercial strategy team adopts a customer-centric approach to help companies accelerate inorganic and organic growth through business model innovation. The team focuses on commercial and go-to-market strategy, customer experience, pricing strategy, revenue optimization, sales and marketing effectiveness as part of our clients’ M&A, turnaround and strategic growth priorities.

What the EY-Parthenon commercial strategy team can do for you

The EY-Parthenon commercial strategy team adopts a customer-centric approach to help companies accelerate inorganic and organic growth through business model innovation. The team works with Fortune 1000 and private equity firms to unlock commercial value through sustainable customer-centric capabilities powered by the right analytics, processes, roles, and culture throughout M&A, turnaround and strategic growth journeys.

  • Commercial strategy

    New business models are being introduced everyday as companies and industries converge to create new sources of growth and meet customer needs. Through a proprietary set of analytics, industry benchmarks and sector-oriented skills, our team can help design a commercial model to recalibrate your current go-to-market (GTM) model, to best position the new products/offerings in the right markets leveraging the right set of channels.

  • Customer experience

    Corporate portfolio changes stemming from innovation, separations and acquisitions require companies to be customer centric. Our team helps design the customer experience, identify fraction points along the customer journey, and create a fit-for-purpose experience based on the changing nature of the company’s product, service and overall portfolio.

  • Go-to-market (GTM)/route-to-market (RTM) strategy

    Our team can help companies gain a competitive advantage when new products, services or businesses are launched through market participation design, RTM strategy and design (e.g., direct vs. indirect vs. hybrid), channel profitability analysis and optimization, and distribution assessment and transformation.

  • Pricing and revenue optimization

    Our team helps clients create and execute a pricing strategy that can help significantly increase and sustain above market growth and profitability. The team brings an integrated approach to help clients solve pricing issues through use of benchmarks, applied analytics, technologies, training and pricing governance.

  • Salesforce and channel effectiveness

    Our team can help companies increase business at each stage of the sales lifecycle. This includes improving and aligning sales channels across the ecosystem, defining the next generation sales model and required capabilities, driving transparency and improvement on the route to market mix while aligning incentive compensation to support the behaviors.

  • Marketing effectiveness

    Our team has extensive experience helping companies increase the return on marketing spend by driving improved decision making through the customer journey. The team leverages deep segmentation and targeting models, alignment of the brand messaging by channel and actionable marketing-mix analytics to drive sustainable short- and long-term impact.

  • Revenue synergies

    Unlocking revenue synergies is becoming increasingly important for companies seeking growth through M&A. Our team leverages pre- and post-close analytics to conduct synergy and dis-synergy diligence, detailed revenue and margin design by region, product, and key accounts supported through alignment to the P&L holders of the combined company. 

Our team has deep analytics capabilities to support the improvement of commercial aspects across the marketing, sales, and customer continuum:

  • Margin decomposition to understand true profitability
  • Customer analysis to understand contribution, churn, and lifetime value by segment
  • Quantitative analysis to support product assortment and pricing decisions
  • Regression analysis to correlate marketing spend to revenue and growth for targeting
  • Geospatial demand profiling, demographics analysis, and geographic targeting
  • Cost to serve modelling by channel, outlet, or geography
  • Quantify synergies and growth opportunities to support pre-deal or cleanroom efforts
  • Sales representative and/or channel margin analysis to rank performance

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