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What we do

EY Connect Learning organises and provides professional training and continuing professional development through in-person sessions and virtual learning programmes. We offer world-class training, learning and development programmes in order to develop skills, including accounting and technical knowledge, regulatory updates, professional skills, and soft skills. These are aimed at professionals in various industries and lines of business, as well as, students who would like to further their education.
On a global level, the firm is constantly developing training material, coaching programmes and content, that can be leveraged, and which can be tailored for specific sectors, markets, and industries. Due to our global organisation we have a pan-European network of subject matter experts who share knowledge and market insights, which we use to keep our learning solutions up-to-date, relevant and impactful for learners.
In addition, the firm has a global pool of experienced coaches and mentors that can and would be willing to contribute towards high quality delivery and consistency on all learning programmes. 

Learning platform

The EY Connect Learning programmes are designed to give professionals the opportunity to develop their skills, enhance their knowledge and keep themselves updated with relevant industry updates. Our vision is to be the leading advisors supporting our clients through education, continuing professional development and enhanced knowledge. Significant investment has been made in dedicated resources so that the EY Connect Learning education experience extends across the Working World and the business community.
All the EY Connect Learning trainers are professionals with deep experience, first-hand knowledge on the subject matter, and a track record of consistent success in working closely within industries who can bring a relevant, stimulating and comprehensive experience to the learner.

Our qualifications

  • We’ve been around for years. With 20+ years of training experience EY is a leader in providing professional education and training services
  • Local and international experienced trainers, with specific sector expertise
  • Access to hundreds of international programmes delivered by other EY member firms and ET academies.
  • Flexible training format, with OnDemand and Bespoke options
  • Programmes and classes are engaging and interactive, including practical cases, team exercises, discussions and business games
  • Training takes place in an open, engaging atmosphere that allows students to explore their potential, share their experience with other students and establish new business contacts


Ediana Guillaumier

EY Connect Learning Lead



Rachele Barbara

EY Connect Learning Course Coordinator



Joanna Cachia Zammit

EY Connect Learning Administrative Coordinator 



EY Connect Learning


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