A Primer in Feasibility Studies and Cost-Benefit Analysis

A Primer in Feasibility Studies and Cost-Benefit Analysis

Session Outline

The concept of assessing “feasibility” and “cost-benefit” is widely referred to in the business world. While it typically refers to the ability and likelihood to successfully complete a project, this same explanation raises various discussion points. Is it a pure measurement tool, or could there be other qualitative aspects that need to be considered? Could a hybrid approach be considered (or be necessary where not all data is available)? And when assessing feasibility, what factors should be considered –the technical (e.g. engineering or technological) side, legal, operational and/ or financial? What about the economic aspects? Should feasibility be judged from the project promoter view (i.e. purely financial), or should a wider view be considered (e.g. national or societal point of view similar to an economic analysis)? And what timeframes should be considered in order to decide on feasibility?

The learning objectives are understanding the need for a feasibility assessment, and its benefits/applications as well as getting an overview of the methodological steps adopted in undertaking a feasibility assessment and in a CBA, under different applications.

Who should attend

This seminar is relevant for all professionals, government officials and private sector officials, students and anyone having an interest in understanding how a feasibility study and a Cost-Benefit Analyiss (CBA) is developed, and their interpretation.


Chris Meilak is a Certified Public Accountant, Economist and Executive Director at EY Malta, leading the Valuation, Modeling and Economics sub-service line in Malta. Chris joined EY in 2006 and has carried out and managed (or taken a review role) a number of feasibility studies (looking into economic and financial aspects) in various sectors. Chris holds an MA in Economics and the ACCA degree, and is a Member of the MIA.

CPE Accreditation

This is a CPE Accredited Event.


Admission fee for this session is €35 (incl. VAT). Price for both A Primer in Financial Feasibilities and Cost-Benefit Analysis and The Enterprise Risk Management Framework: An Overview Webinars is €60 (incl. VAT).

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A Primer in Feasibility Studies and Cost-Benefit Analysis

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