AI-powered Customer Interactions

AllThingsTech | Session 3

Omni-channel strategies and AI-powered natural language processing, contextual recognition, document intelligence and chat bots are increasingly being used by organizations to evolve customer interactions. This session will explore how these technologies can be implemented in order to take your customer journey experience to the next level. Experts from Newgen, a Gartner recognized global innovator, will give an overview of their platform’s capabilities along with examples, case studies and demos. 


During this session, the following topics will be addressed:

  • The impact that customer interaction has on the business, and how this varies throughout the customer's lifecycle
  • Best practices for the adoption of AI-based solutions for customer interaction
  • The advantages that AI introduces, and how a business can leverage these to improve interaction with its customers
  • A discussion on the various technologies that come into play, such as chat bots, natural language processing, deep learning and data analytics
  • Use cases where AI can be used in various industry verticals
  • The challenges involved when implementing AI-based solutions for customer interaction

The session will then proceed to provide an overview of the Newgen platform, with special emphasis on its intelligence and automation capabilities for customer management.  Functionality such as customer communications and hyper personalisation of conversations, document classification, automated data extraction, video KYC and process analytics will be discussed, with special emphasis on the banking and financial sector.


Daniel Cuschieri | Technology Consulting | EY Malta 

Ritesh Varma | Head of Solution Engineering | Newgen

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AI-powered Customer Interactions

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