Cloud Adoption and Management

Cloud Adoption and Management

Session Outline

Cloud adoption is the backbone of digital innovation and is being widely adopted as businesses continue to grow. In 2018, IDC found that 78% of companies were already using a public or private cloud and that their usage is increasing, with 62% expecting that by 2019, more than half of their IT capabilities would be delivered through some form of cloud service.

But what is the cloud, and how is it being adopted? How do organisations mitigate the risks associated with cloud services? How do organisations create digital platforms that attract customers? How do organisations scale and innovate while facing increasing pressure to reduce cost? Cloud is transformational for organisations. It not only provides a degree of agility and elasticity, but it also transforms the way that business interacts with the IT function. In this session, we will explore critical dimensions of cloud management that need to be considered in the transformation journey of the organisation adopting cloud. We will discuss aspects like change management, cost management, security administration and the relationship between the internal IT landscape and the cloud.

Who should attend

Cloud encompasses a wide range of topics, and one could focus on different aspects. We believe that the proposed agenda gives a broad introduction. Therefore, the course is intended for audiences that have a business background with an appreciation of emerging technologies. It is also targeted to businesses that want to leverage the advantages of moving to the cloud.


Michael Azzopardi is a Senior Manager, leading the EY Technology Consulting service line in Malta. Michael is an IT professional with more than 18 years of experience in strategy, architecture, software engineering and innovation practices working in global organisations. Over the last 16 years, he held several positions at Credit Suisse in Switzerland and the United States.

His strength is in bringing together various disciplines of IT including program and project management, software engineering, security practices and integration architecture to deliver sustainable strategic solutions that provide value to the organisation. By combining formal methods and analytical skills, he developed and directed IT architecture concepts and strategies that transform how organisations approach complex business challenges through technology. This included the domains of end-user technology, software as a service, public cloud infrastructure as a service, enterprise mobility and security.

CPE Accreditation

This is a CPE Accredited Event.


Admission fee for this session is €45 (incl. VAT). Price for both Cybersecurity and Cloud Adoption and Management Webinars is €80 (incl. VAT).

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