Cybersecurity – Preventing and Managing Attacks

Cybersecurity – Preventing and Managing Attacks

Session Outline

Cyberattacks, malware and phishing attacks remain an ever present risk to both private and public sector organisations.  Data loss or data breach incidents may lead to considerable fines under for example the GDPR and this besides the reputational damage that such risks present. In view of this backdrop, as organisations strive to enhance their information security infrastructure to prevent such incidents and prevent the loss of personal data as well as confidential business data, the focus on cybersecurity has never been sharper.

Digital transformation has ensured that cybersecurity is one of the biggest issues currently facing organisations. In the near future, cybersecurity will continue being more of a priority as the business world becomes increasingly digital and cyber threats grow in number and sophistication. To succeed in such a scenario, organisations must prepare themselves for emerging threats and issues by having a proactive people-centred strategy in place.  Handled successfully, cybersecurity can give organisations the chance to raise awareness at the C-suite level, thereby helping to strengthen information security.

During this session we will be addressing what measures should be taken by organisations to prevent and minimise the impact of incidents affecting network and information system on the core services they provide and thus ensure the continuity of the services underpinned by those networks and information systems.

Who should attend

This session is relevant to Information Security Officers (ISO), Internal Audit, Risk Management Officials, Head of IT and IT Managers. 


Joseph P. Galea Director IT Risk & Assurance Services, specialises in the profiling service line with over 30 years’ experience.  Joseph’s technical expertise is a sound combination of engagements across a range of service lines including IT compliance audits both locally and abroad, internal audits, Cybersecurity risk assessments and operational ICT experience including IT general controls, IT transformation programs and business continuity planning.

Karen Massa is a Senior Consultant at EY Malta.  She joined EY Malta in 2014 in the IT Risk and Assurance sub-service line. Throughout the years she has had the opportunity to work with different sub-service lines including Managed Services. Karen has a BSc Degree in Business and Computing and a B.Com (Honours) in Management. She is also a member of ISACA. Karen has worked on different engagements including but not limited to IT Risk, Cybersecurity and IT Audits as well as Transaction Monitoring, ABC assessments, Fin Crime etc.  

CPE Accreditation

This is a CPE Accredited Event.


Admission fee for this session is €45 (incl. VAT). Price for both Cybersecurity and Cloud Adoption and Management Webinars is €80 (incl. VAT).

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Cybersecurity – Preventing and Managing Attacks

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