Excelerate | Intermediate Excel functions

Workshop Outline (2 of 2) 

This second workshop will continue building on the first workshop and is designed for those who want to take their Excel knowledge to the next level. A solid knowledge in basic Excel functions will act as a strong foundation, as you will expand your knowledge with the use and application of Data Validation, Pivot Tables, Table and Lookup functions. Beyond the application of these functions, this training will also include basic theoretical perspectives on information management, enabling you to manage large datasets and to harness the power of Excel functionality.

Learning objectives

The overall learning objectives for this workshop will include:

  • Learning the most common Excel functions used in data analysis
  • Maintaining large sets of Excel data in lists or tables
  • Building a solid understanding on the basics of Microsoft Excel
  • Establishing foundational knowledge of formula syntax and its functionality
  • Knowing how to format data in an excel sheet using borders, font and cell colours, and conditional formatting
  • Using Images, Shapes and Charts to visualise data
  • Managing Lists and Tables
  • Use of Pivot Tables
  • Comfort with the use of conditional and lookup functions

Who Should Attend?

The workshop will be available to anyone with an interest in establishing a foundational knowledge of Excel. It will cater for individuals who make regular use of Excel but require theoretical and foundational knowledge to make full use of the application.

Registration fee

Participants are being given the opportunity to book for any of the sessions. Click on Register to confirm your place. 

  • Price for any one session: Eur75 (incl VAT)
  • Price for both sessions: Eur130 (incl VAT)
Due to increased demand for physical workshops*, provided the Covid-19 situation allows it, we are currently taking note of interested participants in order to be able to safely plan for the physical delivery of these sessions. In view of this, final dates for physical sessions, which will be held at our EY Connect Centre during the months of November and December 2021, will be communicated at a later stage. Safety remains our priority! At EY Connect Centre we follow local health authority guidelines.
Should you be interested in joining physical Excelerate workshops, please register your interest.

*EY Connect Learning reserves the right to cancel, or postpone physical events as guided by the health authorities.


Nicholas Massa |  EY Consulting 

Nicholas Massa is a Senior Consultant in EY’s Advisory Services with experience in various compliance projects with local and international financial institutions. These include AML and KYC remediation and customer reviews, national and transnational legislative research, industry focalisation on the gaming and banking industries, and Management Information  and Business Intelligence provision for client portfolios, using Microsoft data analytics and visualisation tools such as Microsoft SharePoint and PowerBI among others.


Excelerate | Intermediate Excel functions

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