COVID-19 Webinar: Technology decisions that enable operations in the New Normal

COVID-19 Webinar: Technology decisions that enable operations in the New Normal

Malta Webinar Series

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  • Date:  Thursday 28 May 2020         
  • Time: 14:00 - 15:00 (CET)       

As organisations are returning to some shape-or-form of a new norm, technology choices will increasingly become part of the portfolio of resources and capabilities of the organisation. Many organisations needed to find the necessary tools to support them in continuing their operations, often leveraging a cloud-based offering to do so.

Throughout this session, we will explore various aspects when adopting cloud solutions as these become part of the longer-term technology portfolio. Do we need to rethink those decisions? What do we need to do to manage these technologies appropriately?

We will explore 2 key technology choices that management teams had to or will need to take: Online Collaboration Tools and Data & Analytics Platforms. 

We will discuss the key drivers and characteristics of making these technology choices addressing:

  • What are the key aspects that need to be considered when selecting a cloud solution?
  • Were the decisions taken during the crisis period the ones that you need to stick to for the longer term?

Online Collaboration Tools

  • How do online collaboration tools differ?
  • What criteria should one consider when assessing these tools?
  • What policies should be established when adopting these tools?

Data & Analytics

  • Why are Data & Analytics tools important during the current situation?
  • How can we support the decision process through data?
  • What are the capabilities of online data analysis platforms? 
  • How do we decide what data to process with such tools?
  • What controls do we need to have in place? 


Michael Azzopardi, IT Advisory Lead 

Michael Azzopardi is a Senior Manager, leading EY IT Advisory service line in Malta. Michael is an IT professional with more than 18 years of experience in strategy, architecture, software engineering and innovation practices working in global organizations. Over the last 16 years he held several positions at Credit Suisse in Switzerland and the United States. His strength is in bringing together various disciplines of IT including program and project management, software engineering, security practices and integration architecture to deliver sustainable strategic solutions that deliver value to the organization.​

Haydn Du Plessis, IT Advisory Manager

As a Manager in the IT Advisory group at EY Malta, Haydn works closely with our clients to help them leverage the evolving technological landscape. Prior to joining EY, Haydn worked at CERN on the ATLAS experiment based in Geneva. He has a wide range of skills and experience – from building solar-powered racing cars and designing state-of-the-art electronics manufacturing facilities to managing IT operations and driving the development of IoT products and smart city solutions. ​

Daniel Gaskin,  IT Advisory Manager

Daniel is a Manager in IT Advisory at EY Malta following his involvement in the Strategy and Transactions department. Prior to joining EY, Daniel has worked as an Economist Statistician at the Central Bank of Malta. During his time in EY Malta, he has worked on a number of engagements ranging from financial due diligence, AML/CFT engagements, credit pricing model creation, business process analysis, RPA analysis, a wide range of data analytics and modelling, and also a large remediation project in the UK with a global insurance company.​

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