COVID-19: Technology to Continue Your Business Operations

COVID-19: Technology to Continue Your Business Operations

Malta Webinar Series

Join the 4th of our ongoing COVID-19 webinars. To register simply send an email to with your details. 

  • Date: Tuesday 28 April 2020         
  • Time: 14:00 - 15:00 (CET)                 
  • Fee: No fee   

The current COVID-19 situation has impacted business operations. With commercial premises closed, employees being asked to stay at home, change in customer priorities and mode of engagement, companies of any sector and size need to find ways of continuing their operations. Throughout this session we will explore various aspects of business continuity throughout these challenging times.  

  • What processes must continue? 
  • What systems and data do we need access to? 
  • What is the experience we need to give to our employees? 
  • How do we engage our customers? 
  • How do we keep connected with our suppliers? 

Session outline

  1. Review your current state
  2. Technology enabler
    • Defining a minimal operating model
    • Making data and systems accessible
    • Technology options and how to decide
  3. Cybersecurity and Technology Risk Management
    • Enabling Remote Connectivity and Gap Assessment
    • Key Risks
    • Golden Rules – Control Measures
    • Risk Sample Report

Who Should Attend

This seminar is relevant for all professionals, executive officers, CFO / COO / CIO, business owners, directors and managers who have an interest or influential role in defining the ways the organization work.


Send an email to with your details. 


Kevin Mallia | EY Malta Advisory Partner

Kevin leads EY Malta’s advisory service team. His main areas of expertise are Performance Improvement, Risk, Governance, Restructuring and Internal Audit. Kevin has over 25 years professional experience in the assurance and advisory sector and has also occupied various senior positions in industry. Kevin has carried out various advisory engagements both locally and abroad. Kevin re-joined EY in 2014 after having been employed for 11 years as Chief Officer responsible for Internal Audit and Risk Management, first at Air Malta plc followed by his engagement with MIDI plc as Group Internal Auditor. During this period Kevin sat on several boards and audit committees of the subsidiary companies within the above Group of Companies. 

Joseph Galea | EY Malta Director and Leader of IT Risk & Assurance

Joseph, Director IT Risk & Assurance Services, specialises in the profiling service line with over 30 years’ experience.  Joseph’s technical expertise is a sound combination of engagements across a range of service lines including IT compliance audits both locally and abroad, internal audits, Cybersecurity risk assessments and operational ICT experience including IT general controls, IT transformation programs and business continuity planning.
Rene Rossignaud

Michael Azzopardi | EY Malta Senior Manager

Michael Azzopardi is a Senior Manager, leading EY IT Advisory service line in Malta. Michael is an IT professional with more than 18 years of experience in strategy, architecture, software engineering and innovation practices working in global organizations. Over the last 16 years he held several positions at Credit Suisse in Switzerland and the United States. His strength is in bringing together various disciplines of IT including program and project management, software engineering, security practices and integration architecture to deliver sustainable strategic solutions that deliver value to the organization.