The Recovery and Resilience Facility Programme (RRF) and other funding opportunities

Session Outline

During this session, Simon, Martina and Ingo will be giving an overview of both the recently announced Malta Recovery and Resilience Facility Programme (RRF) and of a number of other pan-European EU co-financed assistance programmes which Maltese entities can benefit from in various ways. Some support schemes have been created (or updated) as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and will also reflect the current stage reached in the EU’s present Multi-Annual Financial Framework (MFF). Participants will be able to identify potential opportunities for support available both locally and internationally and understand support mechanisms requirements.

Who Should Attend?

  • Business owners
  • Financial controllers
  • CFOs
  • Accounting and audit professionals
  • Anyone who would be interested in tapping EU Funds or local fund schemes

Registration fee

This is a free event. 


Simon Lee Barberi | EY Malta EU Advisory Director

Simon introduced EU Advisory Services when he joined EY in 2004. He has more than 20 years of professional experience with local and European business organisations. Simon provides various EU and national related services including EU programme and project evaluation, market research, EU funding identification and pursuits, training, policy analysis, and impact assessments. Simon has in-depth knowledge of the EU’s Cohesion Policy, the implementation of Structural Funds and of Malta’s EU Funding Programmes. He has assisted various private and public entities identify and pursue financial and other support  opportunities over the past 17 years. For the last 11 years he has also led the Malta Attractiveness Survey, EY Malta’s flagship initiative on Foreign Direct Investment into/in Malta.  Simon holds a Bachelor of Arts in Management and Public Policy and a Masters of Arts in European Studies, both from the University of Malta.

Ingo Gunar Bunzeck | EY Senior Manager | Segment of Global R&D and Innovation services. 

His core tasks are business advisory and project structuring for public/ private/ governmental stakeholders involved in joint, pan-European industrial projects looking for EU financing. In his function he strategically addresses the business planning and analyses opportunities to secure financing and funding opportunities.   He has more than 10 years of experience in project structuring and business planning for large cross-regional industrial projects including acquisition of finance. He and his team have been involved in 50+ funding applications on national and European level to help acquire more than €1 billion of public funding, including lenders such as the EIB.

Martina Micallef | EY Malta Senior Associate | EU Advisory Services Unit

Prior to joining EY, she has gained experience working for the EU Institutions in Brussels. She has experience assisting both public and private entities worldwide. She holds a Master degree in European Politics and International Relations from Maastricht University. In her previous and current work, Martina focuses on identifying EU funding and tender opportunities, whilst expanding networks and fostering relationships with those who may benefit from such opportunities. The various roles Martina has acquired during her time in both the European Parliament and the European Commission in Brussels, has helped her develop a thorough knowledge of how the institutions work and how they work with EU and non-EU countries in various areas, including funding, Brexit and foreign affairs.



The Recovery and Resilience Facility Programme (RRF) and other funding opportunities 

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