Photographic portrait of Geraint Davies
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Geraint Davies

EY Malta Assurance Partner

Assurance Partner. EY Partner for over 20 years. Passionate cyclist.

Office Msida, MT

Geraint joined EY Malta as the Assurance Leader in 2018. He has worked as a Partner in the UK, Channel Islands and Switzerland for over 30 years.

His clients are in hospitality leisure industries of mining, real estate, consumer products, technology, and transport and infrastructure.

With substantial IFRS and US GAAP experience he is focused on the audit of large international groups of companies, including entities with a listing on regulated stock exchanges.

He is a UK qualified chartered accountant (FCA).

How Geraint is building a better working world

“By understanding the factors that drive business performance our work can become more connected, responsive and insightful.

Working with multiple clients across different industries helped me gain unique insights into the key drivers of great business performance.”

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