Responding to COVID-19

Responding to COVID-19

COVID-19 Industry Pulse Report: Tourism

How is COVID-19 impacting Malta's tourism sector? What is the industry’s sentiment around the crisis? What actions could limit the impact for tourism and its ecosystem?


Supporting business in overcoming the impacts of the outbreak

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about global and economic disruption and uncertainty.  To see through these challenging times, businesses need to have a crisis management plan in place, designed to address the operational and financial challenges to protect their medium to long-term results. Through a rapid assessment of the impacts, risks and your organisational resilience to COVID-19, we may support you with your priority areas of intervention.    
Financial and operational enablers | Download PDF

To help you through these unprecedented times we may support you in implementing financial and operational enablers to safeguard the sustainability of your operations.  Here you will find more information on how we may support you in cash flow management and cost optimisation, as well as supporting you with identifying and applying for economic support measures announced by Government.

Technology solutions and cybersecurity enablers | Download PDF

Here you will find information on how we may support you in technology solutions focusing on enabling remote working and collaboration, digitalising core operational processes and establishing digital customer channels.  As organisations deploy remote access facilities, EY can help you conduct vulnerability and penetration testing services, as well as training employees in making use of such teleworking models.


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Emergency Measures Series 

All relevant updates and measures issued during the COVID-19 pandemic:

Changes are happening at a rapid pace and we will do our utmost to update all material in this section but information may be outdated due to new developments.

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