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Our technology-enabled sustainability solutions help clients make better decisions, meet regulatory requirements and generate value at every stage of their journey.

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Strengthening enterprise-ready decarbonization and ESG data management solutions

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) is a mounting challenge for every enterprise business – one that requires deep subject-matter knowledge and strong collaboration across a variety of professional services teams to properly address. EY ESG Data Management Services make these capabilities more accessible by bringing together interdisciplinary teams of tax, assurance, sustainability, risk and technology professionals and using them to support clients with their ESG strategy and enablement.

EY is committed to reframing how businesses approach sustainability. It’s what we call “value-led sustainability” – creating long-term value for all stakeholders.

This commitment carries over to our collaboration with Microsoft, where we are assisting with the development of several tools and accelerators across the areas of decarbonization, energy transition, finance and reporting and tax. These solutions are built using the strong configurability and scalability of Microsoft’s suite of transformative, cloud-based solutions. 

Given the rapid evolution of sustainability regulations and requirements, access to data is of the utmost importance. Our solutions help organizations break down their data silos to improve visibility throughout their sustainability life cycle and enable leadership to make more timely, informed decisions that support their sustainability goals.

Our goal is to provide organizations with the tools to reduce their environmental impact as well as help them seize new opportunities as they become available. By building greater agility and purpose into their approach to sustainability, there is no limit to the value organizations can create for themselves and the world.

EY Decarbonization Management Platform

The path to net zero is not without challenges, but it has become far more attainable with the EY Decarbonization Management Platform. This platform is designed for clients with complex operating environments to provide a more holistic view of their emissions data to help them understand their carbon footprint and then manage, monitor and report against it. In turn, clients can confidently make decisions regarding their future and prioritize and monitor the right intervention pathways and investments for their business.


Businesses cannot make meaningful sustainability and ESG improvements without fully understanding how performance across their supply chain can be measured and reported effectively. The EY ESG IQ solution provides critical knowledge by standardizing and enriching company rating data, calculating score gaps at the most granular level to enable targeted actions to address improvements faster and easier. This gives businesses the intelligence necessary to monitor their supply chains from end to end.

Net Zero Transformation

There are no shortcuts on the path to sustainability, but there are ways to get there faster. We help accelerate clients’ sustainability journeys by enabling them to model ESG strategies and supporting their planning, management and delivery of end-to-end decarbonization. This solution pairs with Microsoft Sustainability Manager to create the GHG inventory and scenario modeling requirements necessary to support net-zero goal achievement. 

ESG Performance Analytics & Reporting

The reporting landscape for ESG continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Microsoft has several robust data aggregation and transformation tools to support ESG data management. Our ESG Analytics & Reporting platform is a dynamics-based solution that helps to ingest data from these solutions. It also aids in providing the data validation and alignment tools necessary to externally disclose this information to voluntary and regulatory bodies. The solution enables full-spectrum deployment of Microsoft technology across the entire reporting life cycle – from curation to transformation, to validation and disclosure. 

Sustainability Certificate Management

While customers and regulators alike want to understand how organizations track their sustainability efforts and attribute them to their products and services, most organizations struggle to do so. We developed a solution to support sustainability certification tracking, including mass balance allocation of sustainability attributes. This solution helps streamline sustainability attribution and supports organizations with more transparent disclosure of ESG at the product level.

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