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The GRN, along with EY’s risk and compliance consulting professionals, helps the C-suite and board-level bank executives respond to constantly changing financial and nonfinancial risk management, operational and governance requirements. In times of crisis, such as we’re experiencing now with the COVID-19 pandemic, the GRN advises financial institutions, as well as governments and regulators, on what actions they can take to mitigate the financial impact of the crisis. 

As digital reshapes financial services, risk strategies must continue to evolve. Banks that succeed will excel at proactively addressing the impact of digitization on compliance, accountability, transparency, risk management and data governance. Advising clients on how to meet these challenges, the GRN provides insight on a range of issues, including:

  • Risk and compliance management frameworks, and allocation of resources
  • Understanding the global, regional and local regulatory agendas
  • Prioritization of issues, and identifying what’s next and beyond
  • Input to senior executives on matters of accountability and governance
  • How to build positive dialogue and relationships with the regulator 
  • Linking the risk and regulatory environment to the wider geopolitical landscape.

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